Are you having one of those days when you are tight on the pocket, and no food will make you super happy like a big box of pizza? But don’t miss out on some fun though. We've got Mac N Cheeto Cones to make up for that! And the best part: you can make the filling that goes into the cones with leftovers. You don’t have to be extremely precise about the mac. Go easy. Just follow three simple steps: boil the macaroni, sprinkle with cheese and microwave it.

Are you ready to put the spin on mac 'n' cheese? Photo: Ronmar Lacamiento 

What distinguishes this recipe from the ordinary mac and cheese is the flaming hot flavour of the Cheetos that we coat the cones in. You may also enjoy making some mac and Cheetos bread rolls if you do not like the laborious effort of rolling dough. You may find the bread roll recipe more appealing. Perhaps we can show it to you some time. But it would be pretty straightforward. Fill the mac and cheese in the bread roll, and coat it in cheetos. Pretty simple right?

Here, find out how to make these clever Mac N Cheetos cones! 


• 1 bowl Homemade Pizza Dough

• 1 bag of Cheetos, Crushed 

• Tin foil 

• 1 Egg 

• 1 cup boiled macaroni

• 1 cup cheese

• Coriander


• Roll out the pizza dough, and cut out 4 to 5 strips. 

• Typically, you’ll need 5 strips per cone. 

• Now roll each strip, like you’d use a rolling pin. 

• Once these are ready, make cones out of tin foil. 

• Start wrapping the rolled strips around the cones. 

• Brush on egg on the strips. 

• Coat the cones with crushed cheetos. 

• Bake at 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes. 

• In the meantime, combine boiled macaroni with cheddar cheese. 

• Microwave in the oven so the cheese melts. 

• If the cones are done, place a cone in a glass that can be used as a stand. 

• Fill the top with the macaroni and cheese. 

• Garnish with coriander. 

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