2021 has again been a unique year. What started with all of us tucked inside our houses, dealing with the deadly second wave of Coronavirus, is now started to look slightly better with things slowly getting back to normal. And as we draw a close to the year in just a few days, it’s time we look back at what kept us going. And this is why Google has dropped its list of top searches as part of its 'Year in Search 2021’ report. From entertainment, news, sports, lifestyle, etc., Google lists out what was trending in the year that too category wise for each country in its recap. Now when it comes to food, nothing like searching for recipes ever since we went into the lockdown. People have been trying to cook all their favourite delicacies at home to satiate the cravings and we honestly love how homemade dishes have taken a comeback.  

So we looked up the list of top food searches globally and thought maybe we can share a few tidbits about those with you. So whether you’ve tried the food or not, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to cook something that trended all over the world this year. 

1. Birria Tacos 

Birria Tacos (tacos de birria) recipe blasted on social media this year, thanks to TikTok. A true showstopper, it is a juicy, cheesy, delicious dish that consists of the braised meat inside a corn tortilla that’s been pan-fried in the fat, that sits at the top of the birria. Now, for anyone who doesn’t know Birria, it is a rich stew that’s typically made with either goat or lamb. Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, it’s traditionally served in a consomé broth along with a mixture of cilantro and white onion. And no, there are no tacos involved. Birria itself is a perfect dish on a cold day.  

2. Nasi Goreng 

This is a far more popular dish on the list. The Indonesian dish is often called a cousin of fried rice, but it’s a lot more. The flavours of local Kecap Manis, or what you would know as sweet soy sauce, along with Terasi, the distinct shrimp paste of the country, is what sets this fried rice apart. Here’s a recipe of Nasi Goreng that you can try at home. 

3. Feta Pasta 

The viral baked feta pasta was all over the internet after it was seen on TikTok and eventually on Instagram. And after trying it once, one would know what made it so special. With cherry tomatoes and a whole block of feta baked together, up until bursting and softened, and tossed with garlic, basil and tender pasta, this one is a stellar cheesy dish you won’t be able to resist. 

4. Charcuterie Board 

Mostly referred as a cheese board, charcuterie is though a display of cured meats on a wooden or steel board. It has everything from cold cuts like salami, chorizo, sausages and hams which are placed in a beautiful arrangement. It also has a great selection of of cheese, fruits, crackers, breads and dips. And while you can always make your own version of Charcuterie board with different ingredients of your choice, but a typically loaded cheese board is mostly studded with meat. 

5. Shogayaki 

A popular Japanese dish wherein shoga means ginger and yaki means grill or fry, this dish is mainly made with pork in Japan, so much so that the term "shōgayaki" generally refers only to pork in Japan. But you can always make the dish with other meats. The dish consists of thin slices of pork, stir-fried in the pan, and braised in a sauce of grated ginger, soy sauce and mirin. Commonly served hot with rice and shredded cabbage, Shogayaki can also be eaten with cold.  

So which one of these trending foods are you going to try first?