Fatty Fish A No-Go? Take Cod Liver Supplements Instead

While fatty fish is an excellent source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, consuming it for its nutritious value is hardly an option for vegetarians. Other sources like peanuts, oils and seeds can provide a small amount of healthy fats, however cod liver oil extracted from the tissue of oily fish like tuna or mackerel contain comparatively high proportions of vitamins that help to promote brain function, skin and eye health.

Cod liver oil is also an excellent source of vitamin D, critical for maintaining bone health by promoting calcium absorption in the body. For their numerous benefits, cod liver oil supplements can prove to be extremely nourishing and are often administered to infants and toddlers to boost their growth and development. As vegetarians or simply as people who hardly relish fatty, oily fish, the easiest way to take in the nutrition of cod liver is through supplements. Cod liver oil tablets and potions can have a number of health benefits. Find out about some of them below:

Reduce Inflammation

Since cod liver oil contains high proportions of Omega-3 fatty acids, supplements can help to reduce inflammation by working on neutralising the effect of harmful, free radicals. Rich in vitamins A and D, cod liver tablets help to control protein levels that can increase inflammation, in turn ridding the body of toxins and infection.

Enhance Eye Health

Ageing and muscular degeneration can have a drastic impact on eye health, including a heightened risk of glaucoma and vision problems. Cod liver tablets high in vitamin A can help to fight the risk factors of glaucoma by keep a check on eye pressure and nerve damage. 

Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

Keeping up levels of good cholesterol through a healthy intake of fatty acids can be a challenge for vegetarians. This is because the effects of other sources of healthy fats can be watered down when consumed fried or cooked. A cod liver tablet will provide the body with Omega-3, reduce triglyceride levels and work on boosting heart health.

Help Reduce Anxiety And Depression

Recent studies have pointed towards the role that cod liver oil can potentially play in treating anxiety and depression. The high proportion of vitamin D in cod liver supplements can have a positive impact on mental health leading to reduced symptoms of depression. Additionally, as the fatty acids work on inflammation, they also help to combat anxiety since psychological stress is closely related to an over-active immune system that can increase inflammation.

Boost Immunity

Cod liver oil helps to reduce oxidative stress, essentially reducing free radical damage to rid the body of toxins and harmful infection. Taking two small cod liver tablets over time can help to boost immunity because of their anti-inflammatory properties. As the body starts fighting infection, so too inflammation reduces and the immune system becomes healthier and more resistant to disease.

Reduce Joint Pain

Since vitamins present in cod liver oil help the body to absorb calcium, these Omega-3 supplements are often recommended for those advancing in age, to combat bone degeneration. It is only with proper absorption of calcium that the body can strengthen bone health. Vitamin D in the cod liver supplements helps to synthesise this vital nutrient to reduce joint pain and improve overall bone health.