Farah Khan’s Public Notice For ‘Dabba Waapsi’ Is Every Indian’s Problem
Image Credit: Farah Khan/Instagram, The director's plea for returning dabbas is too relatable.

Whenever one has guests coming over for a meal, the hustle is all about what to cook and what to serve. The menu of the meal is the highlight of the gathering and there are some people who welcome you so warmly that you want to visit their house frequently. One such Bollywood celebrity who loves hosting people is Farah Khan but seems like she’s in a soup now.

The ace director, choreographer and reality TV judge has added many feathers to her cap. One such well-known talent of hers is cooking. She whips up amazing dishes, right from biryani to kebabs and curries at home and her friends and family are huge fans of it too. That reminds us of Farah’s serious concern that she has recently raised on her Instagram handle.

She recorded and posted a video of herself wherein she is talking about dabba waapsi. She starts by saying that this is a public notice issued for all my friends who come to my house and like eating all the delicious food. While people relish food during the gathering, some even fill up the leftovers in dabbas and take it back home. Although she loves hosting them, she has urged them to finally return the dabbas to her so that she can send more food next time.

She captions it saying, “Dabba waapsi!! Time to get our dabbas home”. Well, seems like Farah has raised a very genuine and relatable concern of every Indian household. Every time guests come over and like the food, they tend to pack some of it for their home too. In this process, your beloved dabba reaches an unknown house and is kept in the corner somewhere for days until you ask for it. This results in a dearth of dabbas at home and we know what that means for our mothers. The house is in a frenzy when she can’t find a particular dabba that she had very carefully stacked up in a kitchen cabinet.

One would find it hard to watch Farah’s video and not relate to her pain. So are you planning to ask back for your dabbas too now? Be quick before it gets passed on to someone else.