The choreographer turned actor turned director Farah Khan is also a mom to triplets. This wonder woman with so many shades to her personality has always had a very vibrant screen presence. Extending a warm and homely vibe to her friends and family, she has been the talk of B-town for her lavish food spreads and iftar parties. Currently, she is having a gala time in New York, catching up with old friends and eating good food. 

Every now and then, she has been giving us a sneak-peek into her whereabouts and we are really enjoying them. On a fun spree, she ended up playing a prank at a restaurant in NYC with her friends. She pretended that it’s her birthday just to get some free dessert and we could totally relate to her vibe. This time, she was seen slurping from a cup of hot chocolate or rather, plate. The Om Shanti Om director shared a picture of herself drinking hot chocolate by pouring it into the saucer instead of the cup. 

She calls it the “only way to drink hot chocolate” and we don’t know how many of us will approve of this. The filmmaker goes on to dedicate the technique to her director friend Karan Johar. Karan Johar was also seen engaging in the banter where he reposted the story on his Instagram handle and said that he is loving how desi Farah Khan is. 

Wondering what we are talking about? Take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Story/Farah Khan

Well, it is too hot for hot chocolate we believe but never too late to have a chocolate drink. Here are some chocolate-flavoured drink recipes to try. 

1.  Chocolate Smoothie 

A creamy and thick glass of smoothie tastes delicious during summers. It isn’t as thick as a shake yet super chocolaty, made with just three ingredients i.e. cold milk, cocoa powder and sugar. Blend it all together and your breakfast smoothie is ready. 

2.  Coconut And Chocolate Milkshake 

Do you like a coconut-based drink? This delicious milkshake comes with the goodness of coconut and chocolate. Vanilla-flavoured coconut milk is tossed with some ripe bananas, cocoa powder and sugar. The chocolate drink is topped with coconut flakes for the crunch. 

3.  Chocolate Almond Raspberry Smoothie 

Seems like too much happening in a drink? Well, it will all be delicious that’s for sure. Frozen raspberries, almond milk and cocoa powder bring together a mélange of tastes that give us a refreshing treat in summers.