Friends Pulled A Birthday Prank On Farah Khan And It Turned Out To Be Utterly Sweet
Image Credit: Screengrab of story/Instagram, This fun prank by Farah Khan and her gang actually turned out to be successful.

A lady of many talents with a bold and outspoken demeanor, Farah Khan has stuck around in the Bollywood industry long enough for everyone to see. From a choreographer to a director, judge and well, a mom of three, Farah Khan Kunder has filled her cap with lots of feathers. Her love for food might not make it to her Instagram but we’ve heard about the special feasts that are hosted at her place in several conversations. From her biryanis to kebabs, her friends have always praised her for her cooking skills. 

In fact, a while back, the Om Shanti Om director was in Doha and we had the chance to catch a glimpse of her delectable food spread. While that had loads of hummus, pita and falafel, this time it was a sweet treat that caught our eye. Farah Khan pulled up a prank with her friends in a restaurant in New York and got some free dessert. Oh yes, you read that right? Here’s what she confessed on her Instagram stories. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Farah Khan

A layer of fresh greek yoghurt topped with another layer of crunchy granola with another layer of cherry compote, this dessert is quite layered. This French parfait comes with fruits, freshness and more.