Farah Khan’s Lavish Feast From Doha Is A Foodie’s Dream Come True
Image Credit: Instagram @farahkhankunder

We know her as the legendary choreographer and director, but many of her peers and top actors have also called her one of the best ‘chefs’ of the industry. That’s right, Farah Khan Kunder can apparently cook up a storm, and is known to throw some memorable parties filled with food, for her friends at her residence. Looks like the foodie director also likes visiting restaurants when abroad. In one of her latest Instagram posts, Farah wrote about how she seldom posts ‘food pictures’, but the food she had at Bayt El Talleh was too beautiful to miss. “I rarely put up food pics, but the food @bayt.eltalleh in doha was just as beautiful as it was delicious.. #qatardiaries #doha”, she wrote in her caption.  

The Levantine feast did look every bit magnificent.  It featured a range of dips, starting from hummus and labneh (a mild yogurt dip), some fresh Pita, falafel, sambusak (yes, the same fried pastry that led to the origin of samosas), and many more interesting snacks and delicacies, like Lebanese spiced potatoes or Battata Harra. We also spotted a range of salads you typically expect from the eastern Mediterranean setting like this, like the fattoush (toasted khubs with mixed greens and cherry tomatoes), beet salad and tabouleh (chickpea salad) etc. The conspicuous absence of meat and kebabs, may come as a surprise to many, but you may not know that Levantine cuisine is replete with vegetarian delicacies, and people over their love their seasonal veggies, greens, nuts, herbs and oil.