Manali is a popular hill station established in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Whether you are a nature lover or inclined towards some adventures, Manali will never let you down. From the rivers to snow-capped mountains and valleys, Manali relaxes every bit and inch of yours. Although the natural beauty of Manali is captivating but what about foodies? Not to worry, as the street foods of Manali are no less than a treat to your taste buds. And today, we are telling you about some foods of Manali, which you will indeed find tasty too.


If you are in Manali, then you must try this local dish prepared with bread dough. Do you know siddu is quite popular among the Himachal natives? This healthy traditional dish is consumed regularly and is sold by pahari ladies of Manali. Siddu is typically fermented dough that includes a filling and is commonly eaten with mutton and other non-vegetarian dishes.


If we talk about the best street food available in Manali, then we can surely not forget 'babru'. It kind of looks like kachoris and is an excellent option for breakfast. Babru is prepared using soaked black gram paste, and you can easily find this wonderful dish at Manali's local shops. So don't forget to taste it whenever you go out for a walk.


Are you one of those who can't live without sugary foods? Then you must try patande as it not only satisfies your appetite but also sates the taste buds. This Himachali dish is prepared with the help of milk, sugar and wheat flour. Usually eaten as a morning treat, this food is easily found in restaurants and cafes serving Himachali food in Manali.


Aktori is a classic recipe from the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. It is a type of pancake prepared with the help of wheat flour, and buckwheat leaves generally served with honey and ghee. Aktori is also fairly relished by the people in Manali among the festive food. Sweet lovers can find this excellent dish in the local cafes of Manali. 


This spicy Mumbai street food is readily available in Manali too. Made from fried rice, onion, potato, chana matar, tamarind chutney and many more ingredients, this bhelpuri takes you to another world of taste. If you are trying it for the first time, then, believe me, it will become your favourite. You can easily taste it at various restaurants, cafes and roadside stalls in Manali.

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