5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Cuisine And Their Eating Etiquette
Image Credit: Facts About Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food is becoming very popular all over the world. Not only in India, but it is also eaten with great enthusiasm in other countries. A large chain of Chinese restaurants worldwide is a testimony to this. There are over 40,000 Chinese eateries in the United States alone. I love Chinese food from noodles to soup everything is my favourite. Whenever going out with family, I prefer ordering Chinese food. Although you must have also enjoyed Chinese food many times, do you know everything about this cuisine? Maybe not. There are some interesting facts which very few people know. Let us know about them.

Use of chopsticks

We all know that the Chinese do not use knives and forks; instead, they eat chopsticks. But are you aware of the tale behind this? In earlier times, these tools were used as weapons and hence it was considered inappropriate to use them while eating. This is why Chinese food is made by cutting it into smaller sizes to be easily picked up and eaten with chopsticks.

Too much food variety

Chinese add as much variety to their food as in other countries. However, they are unique at using the things that nature provides them. Poultry, birds, animals, seafood, aquatic products, various vegetables and fruits are essential food items for the Chinese. You might be surprised to see people eating snakes and insects in Guangdong and Yunnan.

One of the most nutritious cuisine

This is probably the most appealing Chinese food fact. Chinese love fresh ingredients; they balance vegetables and meat in their meals to meet all the body's nutritional needs. This principle puts Chinese cuisine among the healthiest cuisines globally. Not only this, but some beneficial cooking methods have also been invented in Chinese cuisines, such as steaming and boiling, making the food more nutritious.

Loud chatting

The Chinese like to chat while eating. They often use meal times to communicate about their lives, work and studies, etc. In the West, people make appointments for a cup of coffee to chat while the conversation takes place during the China Meal. Not only that, at the dining table, they usually speak or talk even more loudly.

Tipping culture

Generally in India, when people go out to eat in a restaurant, sometimes they tip the waiter or chef as per their wish. But this is not the case in China. Separate tips are not offered in Chinese restaurants, but the service fee is added to the food price.

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