Biryani lovers like me constantly look for new places to relish the scrumptious rice dish - be it mutton biryani or paneer dum biryani. As biryani is prepared and eaten differently in every state and city of India (with different names, obviously), if you live in the Yamunapar area in Delhi, you must explore Seelampur once. Moreover, Seelampur and Jaffrabad are neighbourhoods where people widely enjoy delicious non-veg dishes like biryani and korma. If you, too, are willing to explore these places in East Delhi, we will tell you about the shops where you can enjoy delicious and spicy biryani at affordable prices.

Al Wahid Chicken Biryani Wale

Do you like chicken biryani? If so, you will find many options in Seelampur. But we suggest you explore Al Waheed Chicken Biryani Corner because their chicken biryani is quite famous for being very tasty and spicy. Along with chicken biryani, you also get salad, onion and curd chutney. So, now you have two options: pack biryani for home or dine there and then.

  • Price: ₹150 to ₹200
  • Address: B-366, 2, New Seelampur, Shahdara, Delhi - 110053

Akram Bhai Biryani Wale 

There is an Akram Bhai Biryani Wale at Shastri Park near Seelampur. The biryani served at this restaurant is also very famous. People love their biryani so much that they queue up to get the dish there. They come from far and wide to eat their biryani because it is delicious and spicy. Although their biryani is a bit expensive, you will get it quickly for a kilo of ₹200. You can also get it packaged for home.

  • Price: ₹200 to ₹250
  • Address: H209, Road, Block H, Shastri Park, Shahdara, Delhi - 110053

Yamin Biryani Wala

Apart from Rashid Biryani, there is a Yamin Biryani Wala in the Jaffrabad area near Seelampur. Here you will always see a crowd of biryani lovers throughout the day. The biryani served at Yamin is delicious, and it is prepared with the help of ghosht. You can enjoy biryani here anytime, but it is better to go here in the afternoon for a hot sumptuous lunch.

  • Price: ₹160 to ₹200
  • Address: M7GC+WJH, Police Station Road, Jaffrabad Delhi - 110053

Rashid Biryani Wala

Rashid's biryani is famous in the entire Seelampur area, where people from far and wide come to enjoy his biryani. Rashid sells chicken biryani for ₹160 per kg, and if we talk about its taste, it's very, very spicy. Hence, it is served with curd chutney.

  • Price: ₹160 to ₹200
  • Address: 968, Gali No.10, Phase 2, Block A, Chauhan Bangar Delhi - 110031

Apart from these places, you can go for Qureshi's kebabs in Seelampur, along with momos and burgers. You can also enjoy milk or lassi at Bhim Dairy.