Elote: Tuck Into This Creamy-Tangy Exotic Snack
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You’re in the mood for something creamy and spicy to eat because it's raining outside. Why not try a crunchy, tangy, and creamy snack? We do have something for you, though. You've always tried roasted or boiled corn. It's time to switch to a new sour, creamy, and crunchy elote in place of your old traditional way of eating corn. It will add a scrumptious and amusing twist to your regular corn cob. You will experience an amazing flavour of fulfilment from the grilled corn that has been covered with mayo, crema cheese, and garlic powder and rolled over seasoned corn chips. To the juicy, sweet corn, the chips add a spicy crunch. The corn chips make a great crunchy topping for mayo and cheese. If you love spicy and tangy snacks, then this corn cob recipe is a must try for you. 

One of the most productive and prevalent crops in the world is corn. It is widely grown for biofuel, as a raw material in industry, and as food for both humans and livestock. The third-largest source of plant-based protein in the world is corn. Despite being a staple diet in many regions of the world, corn has lower nutritional content than other cereals. Corn has lots of antioxidants and dietary fibre. Native people from Southern Mexico were the first to start the domestication of corn. Now it has been introduced globally it is one of the most widely distributed of the world’s food plants.

A layer of moist, starchy endosperm is enclosed in an extraordinarily hard shell in a popcorn kernel (the food of the embryo). When a kernel of this type is heated to roughly 400°F (200°C), the moisture in the starch transforms into steam and builds up pressure, causing the kernel to erupt from the inside out into an uneven, white, fluffy mass that is 20 to 40 times larger than the original kernel. For popcorn, about 25 different types of corn are appropriate.

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Sweet corn is prepared in a variety of ways in the US and elsewhere, including by boiling or roasting it on the cob, creaming it, making hominy or meal, and making corn puddings, mush, polenta, griddle cakes, cornbread, and scrapple. Additionally, it’s used to make confections, popcorn, and a variety of prepared morning cereals.

Here’s the recipe.


    4 ears shucked corn

    1 cup corn chips

    ¼ cup cilantro Leaves

    ½ teaspoon ancho chilli powder

    ¼ cup mayonnaise

    ¼ cup Mexican crema

    ½ cup cotija cheese

    ½ teaspoon garlic powder

    Lime wedges for serving


1.    Add corn chips, cilantro, and chilli powder to the mixing bowl of a food processor.

2.    Pulse until the chips are thoroughly broken down and combined with the remaining ingredients.

3.    Combine mayo, crema, cotija cheese, and garlic powder in a small bowl.

4.    Char the corn on the grill.

5.    Roll in the seasoned chip coating after coating with the mayo mixture.

6.    Enjoy your dish with lime wedges.