This Sprouts And Corn Chaat Is Perfect For Weight-Loss
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Sprouts and Corn Chaat

We all know about the importance of protein for our body. Since childhood, our parents have been encouraging us to eat our portions of dal, eggs, and milk among others that provide our body with the optimum amount of protein. Well, we now understand how nutrients not only help build muscles, but they also aid muscle recovery besides other health benefits, one of them being facilitating weight loss. As per experts, protein takes a while to digest and stays in our system for a long time, which leads to it tricking our body into feeling full for a long time. And what does it ultimately lead to? Avoiding unnecessary, mindless munching for a long time.

Now when it comes to protein, we have an ample number of sources to consume. From animal-based sources to plant-based ones. However, plant-based protein is one that both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians can easily find and consume. For instance, one plant-based source of protein that is not only power-packed with nutrients, but also makes our meal delicious is sprouts. 

These tiny balls are such an addition to your meal that they can instantly increase the nutritional value of anything you throw them into. Sprouting is the process of germination of seeds and legumes, where they are soaked in water until they sprout and eventually eaten raw. Out of the many grains that can be used for sprouting, the most common ones include pulses - such as soybean, peas, moong dal, chickpeas, and oilseeds. 

After sprouting, they are usually eaten raw, as they come packed with fibre and a negligible number of calories. Sprouts may also boost digestion. And if you are wondering how, you can include sprouts in your diet in a way that they provide you with something absolutely delicious yet packed with nutrition, here we are with a quick and easy high-protein recipe that can also help with weight loss. 

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This corn chaat is a refreshing amalgamation of taste and flavour, sprouts and corn chaat. With crunchy onions and peanuts, cooling cucumber, chillies, and a host of spices and tangy lemon, this sprouted moong dal and corn chaat is an unmissable treat you can add to your morning meal to keep you full till lunch. You can also savour it for your evening binge.

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