Corn Ulpada: The Traditional Beverage From Argentina
Image Credit: Pexels

We never imagined corns could be utilised to make a beverage, yet that is exactly what the people of Argentina do.  

Argentina is a South American country known for one thing in particular: Football. Aside from that, the country is known for many unique foods. 

Corn Ulpada for instance, is a traditional drink made with maize flour and sugar that they people in Argentina loves. It is a summer drink that should be consumed immediately after preparation but can also be preserved for a few days.  

Originally, this drink was made in the regions of Jujuy and Tucumán in Argentina. It was intended to be a people's energy drink, but practically everyone in their country now drinks it with their morning meal. Traveler's drink is another name for it.  

Though it is a non-alcoholic beverage, sometimes people do add a little bit of alcohol as per their own liking. 

According to reports, Argentina's younger population now prefers processed and canned sodas to this traditional drink, putting its future in jeopardy in the next years. It's the same thing that's happening to our ‘sherbets,' which were called the 'world's first soft drink.' Even here, the younger generation prefers bottled or canned strong drinks to sherbets, which are as delicious. 

Image source-Pexels

Corn ulpada is produced by blending corn flour or boiling and crushed sweet corns with sugar syrup. It's a yellow-colored beverage.  Ulpada means maize flour, which is why the drink's name is Ulpada. This drink is also accessible and popular in Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, however the ingredients used to make it are different.  

Even Chinese people have their own variation of the drink, in which they blend boiling sweet corns with milk. It is known as the 'creamy sweet corn drink' and is offered in their restaurants during the summer.  

Although this beverage is referred to as a traditional beverage in Argentina, it is not commonly available in the country's major cities 


Planning a trip to Argentna? Make sure to try these other famous beverages as well: 

    Chicha- A very unique drink made of corns, fruits and rice.  

    Malbec Wine- A popular Argentinian Wine 

    Fernet Con Cola- Popular drink with bitter Italian Fernet (aromatic spirit) which is mixed with local cola.  

Every country has its own distinct cuisines, snacks, and beverages, and we should make an effort to try them all at least once in our life.