Dussehra Special: 5 Kheer Recipes You Can Make At Home This Dussehra

Be it weddings or festivals, no Indian special occasion can go without the addition of Kheer to its menu. The delicious, rich and creamy dessert is an absolute national favourite and is relished with utmost delight and satisfaction in various parts of the country. Although the love for the dish remains the same, the names differ with the location. From Payasam in the South to Payesh in the East, Kheer has numerous names throughout the country. The word ‘Kheer’ is originally derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kshirika’ which means “a dish made from milk”. A part of the Indian cuisine for ages, Kheer has managed to win the hearts of millions, both home and abroad. As we have said so much about the dish, why wait for an occasion to enjoy it? Oh, wait! Isn’t Dussehra a perfect occasion to relish the delectable dish? So, to devour down the dish in all its glory, we have listed five Kheer recipes that you can try this Dussehra. Check them out to have a Kheer-licious Dussehra. 

1. Badam Kheer 

Make an almonds-enriched Kheer in a jiffy to savour some decadent flavours. You can serve this dessert either warm or chilled in your dessert course. 

2. Makhane Ki Kheer 

Can be added to your Vrat diet too, Makhane ki Kheer is delicious and aromatic as well. Enriched with the flavours of saffron and nutmeg, Makhane ki Kheer is your go-to dessert for every festival. 

3. Carrot Kheer 

What’s better than Kheer? Veggies-infused Kheer. And we can't think of a better veggie-infused dessert than carrot Kheer. Highly nutritious and delicious, this Kheer will remind you of winter Gajar Ka Halwa.

4. Dalia Kheer 

Made with broken wheat. Dalia Kheer is all things flavourful and delicious. Served with crunchy nuts and infused with the aroma of cardamom, Dalia Kheer is worth trying. 

5. Rice Kesar Kheer

Last but not the least, Rice Kesar Kheer is a classic dessert made with rice and full of the aroma of saffron. No matter what, this Kheer can light up the festive mood for sure. 

These Kheer recipes are perfect to set your festive mood for this Dussehra. Try these dishes out and have a delicious and delightful Dussehra.