Dry Cough Troubling You? 5 Kitchen Remedies To Rescue

During flu season, while all the body's energies are focused on warding off wet coughs, fevers and colds, another kind of symptom might raise its head. This is the dry cough, which is unable to remove mucous, phlegm or other irritants from the lungs and can simply exhaust the throat without releasing any toxins. Moreover, dry coughs persist for a long time after other symptoms of flu like colds and fevers have abated, fatiguing the body and sometimes also causing severe headaches.

While the cough generally dissipates on its own, there are some handy home remedies that help to soothe the throat and the nasal passages. These utilise readily available kitchen spices like cinnamon, turmeric and other coolants like honey which are warm, comforting and have anti-inflammatory properties. Read on below for some home remedies that will bring relief while suffering from dry cough:

Turmeric And Salt

Because turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, it works wonders to ward off infections and boost immunity. If you are suffering from dry cough, boil some water and take some turmeric and salt in a saucer. Pour a little bit of the water in the saucer and take a long sip. Pour water in the saucer once more to drink up more of this turmeric and salt mix and repeat this process until all the turmeric has been ingested. Use this handy trick 2-3 times a day to soothe the throat.

Sitopaladhi Churna

Made of bamboo, cardamom, cinnamon and pippali, sitopaladhi churna is available readily in any store that offers Ayurvedic cures. Mix some honey in sitopaladhi churna to make a sticky paste. Lick on this chatan, or paste throughout the day to lubricate the throat, boost immunity and keep dry cough at bay.

Ginger Tea

One of the easiest ways to soothe a tired throat is to have a refreshing cup of unsweetened black ginger tea. Have this refreshing soother with just a hint of mint in the afternoon to relax and wind down. While masala ginger tea with sugar and milk is a more tempting alternative, have black ginger tea if you are suffering from dry cough so the body can focus on reducing inflammation.

Eucalyptus Steam

Taking steam is a sure way to ward off wet coughs and colds but it also works its magic on dry cough. Put some eucalyptus oil in steaming water and inhale the steam that is emitted to abate the cough symptoms. Eucalyptus will also help to relax the body and induce sound sleep, especially when dry cough threatens to flare up immediately when you lie down.

Gargle With Salt Water

Mothers and grandmothers since time immemorial have emphasised on the importance of gargling as a foolproof measure to treat any kind of cough. Garling eases the pathways inside the mouth and kills bacteria in the throat. If you experience a particularly rough night with bouts of cough, salt in the gargling water will help to soothe and numb nerve endings.