Monsoon Health: 5 Tips To Prevent Food And Waterborne Diseases

No doubt the monsoon brings beautiful weather and relief from the hot summer, but it also invites a lot of health issues. On one side, we relish various seasonal delights like chai-pakora, chaats, and corn, but on the other hand, this season increases the risk of several diseases like malaria, typhoid, flu, and stomach infections.

As we know, most diseases enter our body through the stomach, so it is important to eat healthy and maintain hygiene in the kitchen. The use of contaminated food or water is the main cause of monsoon diseases, which can be very harmful to our immune system and overall health. So, here are five tips to prevent foodborne and waterborne diseases this season:

Avoid Raw Food 

Consuming raw and leafy vegetables like spinach and cabbage can be very risky during this season as it may cause food poisoning. They must be cooked properly, and they must also reheat the food kept in the fridge before consuming it. This applies to meat dishes as well. Give them the proper cooking time to avoid diseases caused by pathogenic germs.

Drink Boiled Water 

Drinking untreated water is the major cause of many monsoon diseases, like food poisoning. Always consume filtered or boiled water and also use the same for cooking your food. If possible, go for boiled water only, as boiling kills most of the disease-causing microorganisms present in the water. Drinking water from unreliable sources must be avoided at all costs. 

Wash Fruits And Vegetables Properly 

The monsoon brings a lot of moisture and dampness, which makes fruits and vegetables more susceptible to harmful viruses and bacteria. So, make sure to wash them thoroughly before using them. Apart from fresh produce, it is also important to take all precautions and maintain hygiene while cooking and storing the food as well. If you are keen on fruit-infused water or eating fruits with their peel on, ensure to wash them thoroughly before you consume this season.

Avoid Street Foods 

Eating from roadside stalls is harmful throughout the year, but the risk increases during this season. During the monsoon, the temperature makes the food more prone to fungal and bacterial growth, and as we all know, the hygiene measures are not taken properly by street vendors, which can lead to various food and waterborne diseases. So, if chaats like pani puri, rolls, dumplings, and more are your go-to comfort foods on a rainy evening, you might want to reconsider having them from street-side eateries.

Limit Seafood 

If you are a seafood lover, then this can be heartbreaking information for you. According to Healthshots, seafood like fish and prawns become carriers of many pathogens and bacteria that are caused by contamination of waterbodies during the monsoon. When you consume the infected fish, it may make you sick. Even cooking them properly will not prevent the risk of these diseases.