Refresh Your Soul With 3 Maharashtrian Summer Coolers
Image Credit: iStock, From Piyush to Solkadi, these Maharashtrian drinks are here to calm you.

The hot and humid weather is back and so are our needs to quench the thirst. The sweltering heat of the sun makes us crave something refreshing and soothing. The sugar-loaded, packaged juices are filled with preservatives and additives. These might give you temporary relief but worsen your health. At this time, you need something refreshing and light to relieve yourself of the sweat and heat. Including water vegetables and fruits in your diet is one important aspect of revamping your summer diet. Along with this, it is also important to avoid greasy, deep-fried and oily foods because they generate heat in the body and affect your digestive system too. 

The one summer drink that brings back lots of memories and makes me nostalgic is nimbu paani. The classic summer beverage that can be easily made at home, nimbu paani was the go-to drink during summers after I came back from school. My mother would prepare a chilled concoction of lime juice, mint leaves, water, powdered sugar and black salt. I would pop in some ice cubes and cherish every sip. Drenched in sweat, I would gulp down one glass after another until my thirst was quenched. 

Similarly, India has a wide diversity of drinks just like its cuisine. From Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat to Maharashtra, Jharkhand and the South, there are umpteen summer drinks that you can enjoy in this season. Here are some Maharastrian drinks that work well for summers. 

1.  Piyush 

A well-know local drink, Piyush is all things creamy and tasty. The thick and frothy smoothie is made from a combination of hung curd and buttermilk. An Indian smoothie, the drink is flavoured with shrikhand, a Gujarati dessert, which comes in mango, elaichi and many other flavours. Mixed with nutmeg and cardamom, the delicious drink is served with a garnish of pistachios. It is also quite popular in Gujarat. 

2.  Aam Panna 

This is one drink that is found across northern parts of India during summer season. Made from raw mango pulp, it is called Kairiche Panhe in Marathi. Mixed with water, chaat masala and jaggery, the syrup is extracted from boiled mangoes and added to water. This is churned well with a spoon and savoured. 

3.  Solkadhi 

Also known as spiced coconut milk, solkadhi serves the dual purpose of a drink and curry. In coastal regions where kokum is widely used, the sour juice is used to prepare this Maharashtrian drink. Sweeten it with jaggery and you are good to go.