Diwali 2022: Milk-Free Mithais To Your Rescue
Image Credit: Image: Til ke ladoos

Diwali is here and we are all set to celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and fervour. Every celebration comes with an array of desserts and why not!! No celebration is complete without ‘Kuch Mitha’. There are so many Indian desserts that we just cannot get enough of especially on Diwali and milk is an essential ingredient. Can you think of desserts made without milk? It is hard but we have made it easy for you. 

A majority of Indian sweets are built on a trinity of ghee, full-fat milk, and mawa. But there are many people who do have a sweet tooth but don’t like milk at all, not even in desserts. Such people have just a few choices. Just to provide them with better options this Diwali, we have brought a list of delicious desserts made without milk. Yes, you read that right! Make these desserts this Diwali and let yourself become the most innovative host.

Dry-Fruit Chikki

This crunchy, delicious, and nutritious brittle has already earned a place on the snack shelf of almost every Indian household. This also qualifies as a potential dessert as many people prefer having it after their meal. It makes for a spectacular dessert because of using minimal ingredients. This vegan dry fruit chikki could be the perfect milk-free dessert you want.

Banana Unniyappam

This classic South Indian snack has quite the potential of becoming the dessert you were looking for. This creamy concoction of jaggery, coconut, banana, and sugar is stuffed in a rice flour outing and steamed till it attains a beautiful brown colour. Not just it is amazing but gets ready in no time. Do try this if you just can’t say no to bananas. 

Til Ladoos

Sesame seeds are quite a versatile ingredient. Not just are they a perfect garnishing thing, they also make for an amazing chutney and ladoo. Talking about ladoos, til ladoos with a blend of jaggery tastes amazing and can take you to foodie heaven. Though it can be prepared in countless ways, til ladoos have always been a festive special and Diwali is no exception.

Besan Ki Barfi

Besan never fails to amaze us. Be it a dish or a dessert, we can never say no to besan due to many reasons. Besan ki barfi is a beautiful concoction of besan, ghee, and dry fruits. Topped with dry fruits, these barfis taste amazing and could be the perfect pick for your Diwali party.

Kashmiri Shufta

Loaded with dry fruits, this dessert comes from heaven on earth i.e., Kashmir. Kashmiris swear by this dessert and cannot do without it on any special occasion, especially weddings. Why don’t we have this dessert this Diwali? Kashmiri Shufta is a mixture of several dry fruits and spices and is coated with sugar syrup. For this, dry fruits are first soaked. Thereafter, these soaked dry fruits are mixed with fried paneer, sugar, ghee, and other spice powders. 

So, which of these delights are you going to try this Diwali? Do let us know!