Diwali 2022: 7 Cashew-Based Sweets For The Festive Season
Image Credit: Unsplash

With the festive season around us, we all are drooling at the delicious sweets that will come our way. From the barfis, jalebis, ladoos, rasmalai to the pedhas and gulab jamuns. The list is never-ending. But the star of the show during Diwali is undoubtedly Kaju Katli which is a diamond-shaped kaju-based sweet made with some staple pantry products such as cashews, sugar, ghee or any flavouring ingredient. Kaju katli is undoubtedly the most popular sweet in India but it is not the only kaju-based sweet that is available. There are many other numerous options for cashew-based that are equally tasty and mouth-watering. Here is a list of kaju sweets that you should try this festive season.

1. Kaju Mysore Pak

The renowned sweet Mysore Paak, a nutty Indian sweet, is created with cashew nuts, besan, and ghee. This delicacy, which is unique to Karnataka, is renowned for its deliciousness and softness. The myth holds that Mysore Paak, often known as the "Royal Sweet," was first produced in the Mysore Palace. These are tender cashew nut honeycombs, a genuine treat that glides on your tongue. Please give this dessert your complete attention. Here's the recipe.

2. Kaju Katli

A well-known Indian sweet made using sugar syrup and cashew powder. Perhaps the most well-known Indian dessert recipe, it is prepared during all holiday seasons and special events. It is a straightforward and quick recipe for a sweet snack created using items found in most kitchen cabinets, but it can be challenging because the sugar syrup viscosity could really ruin the texture. It is often prepared with just one type of nut, but it can also be made with a variety of dried fruits to provide a sweet snack without any added sugar. Check out this recipe.

3. Chocolate Kaju Katli

This is a delicious take on the classic kaju katli mentioned right above. Just like kaju katli, it is extremely delicious and you can’t keep your hands off them. The chocolatey flavour takes this sweet to the next level and is perfect for festivals and celebrations. It is simple, uncomplicated, and makes katlis with a significant wow factor. What's more, it has a distinctive chocolate flavour. This holiday season, handmade treats created from scratch may tempt you to forgo store-bought treats. Try this recipe here.

4. Cashew Bars

These cashew bars taste exactly like chocolate bars and are loaded with nuts and protein. If that isn't enough to seduce you, then let them be covered in a thick coating of chocolate because, let's face it, chocolate improves everything. The distinctive flavour of these protein bars is what really sets them apart. They fulfil any sweet desire with their delectable, nutty flavour. These cashew bars are a perfect blend of taste and health. Here's the recipe.

5. Dark Chocolate Cashew Bites

Just salted cashews and dark chocolate are needed to make these delicious treats. They assemble in a matter of minutes. The cashews lend a delicious, buttery crunch, and the dark chocolate is rich and gratifying. These delicious treats are ideal for sating sweet cravings, including into yoghurt or trail mix, or bringing to a party.

6. Kaju Pista Roll

Kaju pista roll is a delicious sweet made with kajus and sugar. The core of this sweet is a cashew filling in a dough that is roll-shaped. This sweet looks extremely beautiful and you can top it with saffron, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, and other dry fruits to make it even tastier.

7. Kaju Rose Barfi

This kaju rose barfi is lusciously sweet and if you haven’t tried this delicacy yet then you are truly missing out on a gem. This recipe is sure to hit all age groups from kids to adults. Perfect for festivals, parties, celebrations and gatherings and you can be sure that your guests will cherish every single bite of this sweet. Here's the recipe.