Dishes You Can Make In A Casserole: 5 Yummy Baked Delights
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Oftentimes, people get confused between a casserole and a casserole dish. The former refers to the food that is cooked in a casserole, while the latter is the name of the huge deep-dish pan that is used for cooking the food. This container is suitable for baking food in an oven and is a perfect way to make a melt-in-your-mouth meal in a jiffy.  

Warm food served on a hot plate, a casserole dish is usually oval or rectangular in shape and serves the dual purpose of baking the food as well as functioning as a serving plate. So, what all can you cook in a casserole pan? From vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini to meats like chicken, beef, and turkey as well as seafood items like tuna taste amazing when cooked in this huge pan.  

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Here are some recipes that you can make in a casserole at home.  

1.   Spinach Casserole  

Don’t like greens? Well, this spinach casserole will surely change your mind. The chopped spinach leaves are covered with copious amounts of grated cheese and baked to perfection. Packed with cottage cheese, sour cream and eggs, it is seasoned with black pepper and herbs. The golden-brown cheese crust on top is what makes it delicious.  

2.   Corn Casserole  

The fresh sweet corn can be turned into a wholesome dish with this casserole recipe. Long-grain rice layered on the bed of the casserole, with bites of sweet corn along with green peppers, onions and diced tomatoes form a heavenly combination. Topped with shredded cheddar, hot pepper sauce and Worcestershire sauce, it is a delightful lunch meal. 

3.   Cauliflower Casserole

This would come as a surprise for you because the casserole might look like you’re about to have macaroni and cheese but it’s actually cauliflower florets inside. The soft and mushy cauliflowers are layered on the base. Cream of celery or chicken is poured on it. Finally, grated cheddar and panko is layered on top and it is baked until golden-brown.  

4.   Chicken Casserole  

Looking for meaty yet cheesy lunch? This chicken casserole is just what you need. Cooked cubes of chicken, paired with egg noodles, onions, celery, and mushrooms is a great way to include meat and veggies in your meal. Cornflake crumbs lend it a crunchy texture while the chicken is covered in grated cheese and melted butter.  

5.   Tuna Casserole  

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Try making this delicious seafood casserole with the goodness of tuna. Easy to make with minimum ingredients required, all you need is tuna, egg noodles, English peas, pepper, cream of mushroom soup and some cheese. The soft tuna pieces combined with cheese and egg noodles taste heavenly. This is quite a filling lunch recipe.