Diljit Dosanjh Packs A Wholesome Meal For His Solo Trip
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Have you ever been on a solo trip? While some people love to go on a solo trip, there are others who dread hitting the road alone. It seems like Diljit Dosanjh represents the former category of travellers. The Punjabi singer-actor, who is also an avid social media user, keeps us glued to his Instagram account, as he keeps sharing hilarious pictures and videos of his shenanigans from his daily life, including his cooking adventures in the kitchen. Diljit’s amusing kitchen videos, where he can be seen cooking at home while also dishing out hilarious commentary, are too funny to miss. They are a true delight for his fans. So, when it was about going on a short solo trip, it isn’t surprising that Diljit decided to pack his own lunch. Can you guess what he packed? Read on. 

For Diljit, it looks like solo trips aren't just about spending time with himself, but also making sure that the body is fueled with some healthy meals. He gave us a glimpse of his adventure in the wilderness through Instagram reels, and it included snippets of his wholesome and nutritious meal consisting of fresh broccoli, sausages, mushrooms, and green pepper, along with some chipotle hot sauce. Later, the singer-actor also embarked on a hike, in the end of which he was seen relishing the food sitting on a bench amid a scenic landscape covered with snow. Sounds picture perfect, isn’t it?  

“My kinda day. Solo trip. Cameraman – Dosanjhanwala”, Diljit captioned the video. In the clip, we can see him preparing his lunch in a microwave before setting off. Take a look at some of the snippets from the video: 

Well, Diljit has definitely proven how no matter what the season is, nutrition tops the priority list. What is your choice for quick trip meals? Share your ideas and recipes with us.