We all are well aware of the numerous transformations of pizzas? Aren't we? We know the struggle it has gone through to become people's most loved dish today. Pizzas are native to Italy and were prepared by ancient Greeks and Italians. However, flatbreads similar to focaccia were gradually and slowly exposed to experimentation and later discovery of pizzas. As a result, the pizza technique was embraced by various cultures, combining it with regional condiments and ingredients.

Interestingly, fast food chains have happily subserved fusion pizzas to satisfy and lure their local markets. Henceforth, this experimentation has started exploring various classics besides Margherita, Pepperoni and Neapolitan. And today, we are sharing nine assorted pizzas that are worth trying.

Cheese Pizza

Whether it's veg or non-veg pizza, eating is fun with a combination of cheese in it. So yes, if you love pizza, you must try cheese pizza. Let us tell you that cheese pizza can be made in many ways; for example, if you are ordering a pizza, you can get cheese added separately as a topping.

Corn Pizza

Many people do not like to eat vegetables, especially in their pizzas, so corn is the best option. So let us tell you that this pizza is made with the help of onion, cheese and corn. Do you know that pizza is relatively easy to make at home with the help of corn, pizza base and cheese?

Chocolate Pizza

You must have eaten many types of pizza, but have you ever tried dessert pizza? If not, then you must try this chocolate pizza once. Because if you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely like this pizza made of dark chocolate and chocolate chips.

Veg Pizza

If you do not feel like eating non-veg, try the veg pizza. You will find many varieties like deluxe veggie, green wave, cheesy veg etc. Therefore, you can choose veg pizza according to your choice with several options.

Mini Bread Pizza

Many people do not prefer restaurant pizza at all. So in such a situation, those people can try mini bread pizza. Do you know this pizza is relatively easy to make at home with the help of bread and vegetables?

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Do you like to eat non-veg pizza? Then it would help if you tried chicken tikka pizza too. This pizza is not only delicious but also spicy. It is made with tandoori chicken and different types of herbs and cheese.

Paneer Pizza

Apart from all these pizzas, you also have the option of eating peppy paneer pizza. It is best for those people who prefer healthy food as it is made with marination of tikka sauce and paneer.

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Pizza is sure to be loved by non-veg lovers as it is made with the help of small pieces of chicken and cheese. Most people like to have it with a cold drink.

Capsicum Pizza

Apart from these pizza varieties, you can also try pizza made from capsicum-onion, capsicum-corn etc. So you can try it by combining it as per your choice.