Dia Mirza On Her Love For Plant-Based Diet And Its Importance
Image Credit: Dia is seen eating a regular Indian thali

One of the very few Bollywood actors who rallies strongly for sustainability, health, and the future of our planet is the multi-talented Dia Mirza. She has always been a strong advocate of sustainable living and keeps talking about the well-being of the planet and the generations to come. She is also a vocal supporter of animal rights and talks highly about a plant-based diet for the good. Recently, she shared a video on her social media accounts to talk about the same.

In the video, the actress and activist talk about the importance of plant-based ghar ka khana. Her caption reads, "This week the world broke the daily temperature record. This affects us. Each and every one of us. Every individual can #ActOnClimate. One of the ways to make a difference at an individual level is to eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. Practice a mostly #PlantBasedDiet to act on climate."

Dia says that she has always enjoyed regular, simple, vegetarian home-cooked food, and that is what she craves for. Her caption says, "In India, we have always known and understood the benefits of plant-based meals. Give me dal, chawal, and sabzi, and I am happiest!"

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In the entire video, she proceeds to talk about what her regular lunch looks like. She begins by saying she loves all kinds of leafy greens, lentils, and cereals as they are not only healthy and nutritious, but they are also great for the planet. She talks about eating local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. The actress then shows her plate, which has a portion of bhindi, saag dal, minced gobhi, and regular atta rotis. A very tempting platter; everything on it is plant-based and perfect for everyday consumption.

Dia Mirza regularly makes posts championing the cause of living more sustainable lives by focusing on our lifestyle. Her dedication to the issue is indeed brave, and her latest video is a gentle reminder that by tweaking our food habits, we can do our bit for the planet.