5 Bollywood Actresses Who Turned Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is quite popular in India as it is pretty convenient to follow. Numerous Bollywood celebrities have been following vegetarianism for various years now. Many celebs spoke about how their lifestyle improved after turning vegetarian. Most of them are animal lovers; hence they gave up the consumption of non-vegetarian food. Let us tell you which female Bollywood actors turned vegetarian and since when. 

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt, one of the top Bollywood actresses, was once a non-vegetarian. But in the year 2015, Alia gave it up. Not only this, but Alia also joined the PETA (Nonprofit organization). At that time, along with Alia, actor Rajkumar Rao also became a part of PETA. When Alia was asked in an interview about quitting non-veg, she replied, 'It was not easy but ever since I left, I feel light, happy and cool.' 

Anushka Sharma

Although it has been six years since Anushka stopped consuming meat, she became a member of PETA (A nonprofit organization) in 2018. Sharing this news on her Instagram account, Anushka wrote, 'Ever since I became a vegetarian, I have got more energy, feel healthier, and happier. It makes me happy to think that no animal will suffer for my food.' 

Sonakshi Sinha 

In order to shed some kilos, Sonakshi also gave up non-vegetarian food. However, during an interview, Sonakshi had said that her metabolism had improved a lot after quitting meat. Not only this but she is said to have also developed a special attachment to animals. 

Richa Chadha 

Richa Chadha is known in the industry for her bold style. So in the year 2014, Richa made a significant change in her diet plan and turned vegetarian. During an interview, Richa said, 'Animals are our friends, not food.' At present, Richa has also been associated with a campaign of PETA. 

Sonam Kapoor 

Fashionista Sonam used to be a non-vegetarian, but in the year 2017, Sonam gave up on it. When asked about it, she said, 'When we are getting all the nutrition from veg food, then why should we eat an animal after killing it.'