Devouring Decadent Diwali Spread? These Drinks Help In Digestion
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The festive season means a prolonged period of indulging in decadent dishes. While it feels good to our taste buds, the gut or digestive system often suffers the brunt. The solution isn't about giving up on such festive grub. Including a few drinks can help digestion and eliminate the heaviness and sluggish feeling caused by overindulging. This Diwali, try to keep such five drinks handy and enjoy the festivities. You may serve them to your guests too. 

The state of our gut affects many other aspects of our bodies, including immunity, mood, and overall health. Keeping it in good condition is crucial. Aside from mindful eating, a few beverages can also be beneficial. Try one of these drinks to aid digestion if you're feeling nauseous or bloated.

Peppermint tea

An excellent option is peppermint tea. Studies have indicated that peppermint can lessen gastrointestinal spasms. It implies that your body is more at ease and can eat and digest meals more efficiently. In addition to reducing bloating and gas, this tea may also improve general well-being.

Ginger tea

Ginger, well-known for its capacity to relieve nausea, has also been discovered to support digestion. A 2020 review analysis revealed that ginger improves digestion by promoting GI function and emptying. Additionally, it assisted in maintaining total GI motility so that it was neither too nor underactive. Instead of ginger ales, stick to ginger tea.


Homemade kombucha, Image Source:

The probiotic content of this fermented tea beverage is high. A recent study discovered that having probiotics shortened gut transit time, increased stool frequency, and lessened bloating. But when many probiotic strains were taken, the results were particularly noteworthy. Kombucha offers a wide range of probiotic strains.

Prune juice

Fresh prunes juice, Image Source: Eatthis

It seems that prunes and their juice are excellent sources of sorbitol. It is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that pulls water into your large intestine and is often not absorbed. Furthermore, the increased water keeps the contents of your GI tract moving. The fibre from the entire fruit is also partially retained in prune juice.


Kefir also offers multiple strains of probiotics, which we know are beneficial for digestion. A recent study discovered that giving animals kefir every day for a month enhanced the microbiome composition in their guts. It suggests advantages for digestive and gut health. Make a smoothie using berry-mint kefir. You might also try kefir-fermented orange juice. It has a fantastic flavour and is a potent probiotic.