Detox Tips 101: Consume These 4 Protein-Rich Foods Post Your Holi Indulgence
Image Credit: Pixabay, From sabudana idlis to moong dal chilla, there are lots of protein dishes that can be made at home post Holi.

We know that the day after Holi is a tad bit lazy. Mornings usually stretch to afternoons and we ending brunching instead of breakfast. Festivities are a time of indulgences and sometimes, we tend to get so tempted that we overeat. From gujiyas to kachoris and samosas, it becomes difficult to resist and stop at just one when your fridge and table is loaded with them. Although we don’t feel anything right away, it is post Holi that we start feeling the need to give a break to our stomachs. 

Heavy, deep-fried, sugary foods are available in abundance during festivals and well, we aren’t complaining. But after Holi is over, it is time to get back on track. Loosen out the packs of gujiyas and send them over to neighbours and friends because you can’t be having even one more now. The festive season is followed by the season of detox and we think you should start too. Stress on eating fresh fruits, like apples, bananas, papayas and more. Increase your salad intake with freshly-cut cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and the like. Avoid greasy and oily food and keep your meals light and easy on the stomach. 

In order to get your gut health to its normal levels, it is important to consume high-protein foods which are low on fats but good at maintaining your blood sugar levels. A protein-rich diet post Holi works wonders for detoxifying your body and inducing the feeling of fullness so that you do not overeat. Here are some protein-loaded recipes that can save the day and your body from the after-effects of a Holi feast. 

1.  Moong Dal Chilla 

Chilla or poora, for the uninitiated, is a pancake made with a variety of lentils. Lentils or dal is rich in proteins and this chilla recipe consists of moong dal, urad dal and masoor dal. The crispy chilla is filled with onions, methi seeds and more. Serve it with tomato chutney and enjoy. 

2.  Ragi Tofu Paratha 

Made with the goodness of ragi, the paratha dough itself is so nutritious. Roll it into a chapatti and fill it with a mashed tofu mixture. Toss it on a tawa and serve with fresh curd. 

3.  Bajra Khichadi 

A nutrient-filled khichadi, this rice combination is filling, light and tasty. Khichadi is a combination of rice and lentils which generally consists of the two ingredients. Here, in order to avoid carbs, the rice is replaced with bajra and chopped tomatoes and onions are added to it. 

4.  Sabudana Idli 

Sabudana is a popular ingredient during fasts. This is a light and soft seed-like thing which can be added to khichadis, upmas, uttampams and more. Substitute the rice in idli batter with sabudana and enjoy your idlis.