4 Delicious Date-Based Dishes You Should Add To Your Diet
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Date palm or simple dates are sticky, chewy and sweet fruits commonly found and cultivated in the deserts around the Persian Gulf. Scientifically named ‘phoenix dactylifera’, these dates have travelled through northern Africa, southwest Asia, Mexico, California and Spain, standing as one of the primary foods in Middle Eastern cuisine. Dates are determined as per the sucrose, fructose and glucose content and popularly fall under dry, soft and semi-dry types. As a result, dates are an excellent blend of taste and health. Don’t believe us? These four delicious date recipes will undoubtedly change your mind.

Date Chutney

Generally, everyone knows about date chutney, as it's served at almost every wedding party, enhancing the taste of your food. If, till now, you have only eaten coriander or tomato chutney, taste this sour-sweet chutney once. This tangy chutney made with dates and tamarind doubles the fun of crispy snacks. Apart from dates, tamarind and some spices are needed to make it. You can eat it with samosas, pakodas or kachoris.

Date Halwa

Have you heard about halwa made from dates? Yes, delicious halwa can also be made from dates and cashews. The most important thing about this halwa is that it does not require many ingredients to make, as well as it can be made very quickly in less time. Apart from dates, cashews, just milk and sugar are needed to make it.

Date Shake

You can make a shake with dates, and from children to adults, everyone will love it in all seasons. You can also include this tasty and healthy drink on your daily menu. Dates, milk, cardamom and sugar are needed, and it only takes five minutes of preparation. It is made simply by grinding ingredients in a mixer.

Date Barfi

You must have made and eaten many types of barfi, but have you tried date barfi yet? If not, you should include it in the list of your favourite sweets. Apart from dates, dry fruits, khoya, milk and sugar are needed for sweetness.

So now, what is the delay for? Try any dish of your choice and include it in your recipe's list.