Craving A Quick Sandwich? You Need These 5 Cooking Tips

What goes into making a perfect sandwich? In one of the episodes of The Big Bang Theory, an American TV show, Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) explains to one of his friends that for a perfect sandwich, the order of ingredients should be turkey, red meat, lettuce, and swiss on whole wheat. He threw away one that he had because it had the “right ingredients but in the wrong order” (turkey, red meat with Swiss and lettuce on whole wheat bread). He added that cheese is added adjacent to the bread so the moisture does not spoil the crunch in the lettuce and make it soggy.

Video Credit: Kabita's Kitchen/ YouTube

It makes you wonder if making a sandwich is a culinary skill or a way to beat your hunger pangs by putting random ingredients in the kitchen between two slices of bread. While Sheldon Cooper was particular about his food, most people are not. However, it is intriguing to know if the order of ingredients actually makes a difference in the taste of the sandwich. Here is all you need to know about the art of making a perfect sandwich that would even leave a perfectionist like Sheldon Cooper impressed.

Pick The Right Bread

The type of bread used in making the sandwich can make a huge difference in how it tastes. If the load is extremely soft and fluffy, you need to consume the sandwich then and there or else the bread will melt into it, making it difficult to hold. You should also try sourdough or multigrain bread to make a sandwich that will help you take your skills up a notch. 

Use Sauce

To balance flavours and add more dimensions to a sandwich, it is crucial to use sauces and spreads. They also help to keep the content intact and stuck to the surface of the bread. The complimenting spicy, salty, and sweet notes only amplify the flavours of the dish. With meat and raw vegetables, you need something packed with all kinds of notes that make the sandwich tantalising for your taste buds. 

Select Toppings Wisely

Meat and vegetables are toppings in any sandwich. They add a crunchy texture to the street food, but you should not overdo it with one ingredient. It can ruin the entire dish. Proportion in which you are adding toppings is crucial. For a meat-based sandwich, it should have enough cheese to make it creamy. With vegetables, you can reduce the amount of cheese, or it will overpower the raw taste.

Layering Is Crucial

Layering in a sandwich is equally important. As Sheldon mentioned in the show, each ingredient should be added in such a way that it does not slide when you take a bite. First, apply sauce on the surface of slices of bread. Alternate between dry and wet ingredients so that everything sticks together. Add herbs, then cheese, and garnish in the end with greens and tomato. 

Add Something On The Side

If you visit a fancy cafe and order a sandwich, many places will serve French fries on the side. Though they don’t add anything to the dish, the fried potatoes definitely complement it. To elevate your dining experience, you should try eating a sandwich with some fresh green salad and season-ripened fruits and vegetables on the side.