Brown Bread Or White Bread: Which One Is Healthier?

Bread is most common breakfast found across India and other parts of the world. It is not just easy to handle but allows people to experiment in different forms. Whether you make a sandwich or serve along with an omelete, breads could be a savior. But if you eat bread, there is one question that must have come to your mind. Is brown bread healthier or white bread? Well, we are here to clear up all your doubts. 

White bread is the most commonly consumed and traditional bread enjoyed across the world but when it comes to health, people look forward to the brown bread. Brown bread is made using whole wheat which has their outer covering intact. Brown bread is high in fiber and considered more nutritious as compared to its white counterparts. Besides, it also contains magnesium, folic acid, zinc copper and manganese, vitamin B6 and E. On the other hand, the white bread is bleached using chlorine dioxide, potassium bromate as well as benzoyl peroxide. All these agents make the bread whiter, and the addition of refined starch also affects its nutritional value. However, all these chemicals are used in lesser amounts and thus, not that hazardous to health. Talking about fiber, white bread has less fiber content but interestingly, contains more calcium content as compared to brown bread. 

Brown bread is made up from parts of wheat grains like endosperm, bran and germ. Thus, it is brown in colour. It may not be soft as white bread because of bran and is not processed much. Brown bread contains natural nutrients and thus, not many minerals and vitamins added to it. As per some studies, white bread is less nutritious because of being processed. It is softer than brown bread as it has germ and bran. 


We can come to the conclusion that brown bread is healthier as compared to its whiter counterpart. One can also opt for multigrain bread as this could be better than brown bread and much healthier than white bread. Indeed, brown bread has proved itself superior when it comes to health and nutrition and so many other aspects too. But, in case you are suffering from any allergy, you must consult a doctor before jumping to a conclusion.