Do you love the crust of bread as much as the centreDid you know that it has been rumoured to contain as many as double the antioxidants as the white portion? 

While bread crust may have the most delicious taste in some ways, perhaps that has led you to assume that bread crust is too important to be discarded. But if you are vouching too heavily for bread crusts, even as far as using the argument that bread crust is more nutritious — you may be misleading others.  

We understand if you got pulled into believing that bread crust is very healthy. Maybe your parents have often told you to eat more crust because they think that it is very healthy. As a consequence, you have passed on that piece of advice to others.  

A very strong opinion on this matter is that the scientific evidence is mixed. Some people just don’t agree that bread crust is nutritious, as it contains a cancer promoter which is called carcinogen acrylamide. But others feel that it has a compound called propyl-lysine which can fight cancer. All in all, it is a little difficult to label bread crusts as healthy or unhealthy. Here’s our suggestion: since bread itself has been known to cause many bad symptoms, those who defend the bread crust should know better if the bread itself is of good quality. 

If the bread is of good quality, then the crust will be worth eating. Eat the crust, as it will definitely contain more antioxidants than the centre. You may opt for rye and sourdough bread, multi-grain and pumpernickel. But also remember, if you make your own bread, then strong over-browning may actually reduce the antioxidants. That is why it is so important to buy bread from good bakeries.  

Photo: Mae Mu

The crust of these loaves of bread is actually worth appreciating. So much so, that most people only buy these loaves of bread for the sole reason that the crust is so delicious. What do you have to say about bread crust? Let us know!