Cheesy Breakfast Ideas: 5 Recipes To Melt The Mid-Week Blues
Image Credit: Cheese Dosa and more inside.

While the birth of cheese predates recorded history, it is believed that cheese-making began as a method to preserve milk. Gradually, salted cheese came into being and then moved on to its current creamy state. Today, you can add it to almost any dish you want, not just pizzas and burgers but breakfast toasts, eggs and more. This makes the morning meals as smooth as they can be.

Interestingly, cheese is not just one of the most popular food items in the world but also the most stolen one too. Given the luxury that is still attached to having cheese, it comes as no surprise that it is stolen the most. However, you don’t need to worry because we’ve got plenty of cheese-based recipes that can ward off your mid-week blues.  

1.  Cheese Omelette

The most commonly eaten item on the breakfast table in many parts of the world is eggs. A great source of protein to keep you energised throughout the day, eggs can be made in several ways, including an omelette. To spruce up the omelette, you can add some cheese. Whisk the eggs, add in your chopped vegetables like onions, tomatoes, capsicum, and some green chillies. Salt and pepper go and the omelette is poured on the pan. Once it is half-cooked, throw in some grated cheese in the centre and fold it. The cheese will melt with the heat of the egg.  

2.  Chilli Cheese Toast

Easy, quick, and made with minimum ingredients, this toast will be a great start to your day. Get the crunchy toast to make you drool by adding some cheese to it. Chop some red chillies and take some bread and slice it into triangles. Sprinkle some chopped garlic, mixed with butter and a few herbs and slather it on the bread. Sprinkle some chillies and grated cheese. Bake in an oven for a few minutes or toast on a tawa.

3.   Cheese Paratha

A pure bliss amid the stuffed aloo and gobhi parathas that you’ve been having for ages, this flatbread will become your next favourite breakfast soon. It is best for kids particularly, who like cheesy and creamy things. A mixture of grated cheese, with coriander leaves, jeera, salt and red chilli powder is prepared. Spread across a rolled out dough, it is folded and rolled out again to be flipped on a tawa. 

4.  Schezwan Cheese Dosa

Dosa, for the unversed, is a South Indian-style crepe, packed with a potato stuffing usually. This time, you can spice things up by slathering the prepared thin dosa sheet with some schezwan chutney. The hot and spicy chutney amps up the taste of the dosa to which grated cheese is added. The melted cheese blends perfectly well with the fiery schezwan to make a spicy and creamy breakfast dosa.

5.  Cheese Upma

Another South Indian breakfast staple that is light and healthy, upma is made with sooji or rava. The wholesome dish is prepared by roasting the sooji in a pan and then adding chopped and boiled vegetables like onions, corn, potatoes and peas. Spruced up with mustard seeds and salt, upma is quite easy to make. To give it a cheesy touch, grated cheese is garnished and it is heated for a few seconds for the cheese to melt.