Check Out Samantha Prabhu's Dinner Date With Her BFF In Dubai
Image Credit: Shutterstock

There’s nothing better than unwinding by enjoying a girls night out. Drinks, dinner and gossip is just what you need sometimes to let your hair down and paint the town red. (Also read: Sonakshi Sinha Enjoys Girl’s Night By Indulging In Food And Drinks). Celebrities usually know how to party when it comes to enjoying girl night outs and the most recent celebrity to give us party goals is Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The actress recently got together with her best friend Shilpa Reddy in Dubai and enjoyed a dinner together. Sahitya Reddy, the sister of Shilpa Reddy, joined them too. Pictures from their girl date, in Dubai caught everyone's attention. This is not the first time that Samantha is enjoying Lebanese food during her visit to Dubai. In the past the actress has gone to Dubai and relished a Lebanese buffet, vibrant vegan meal which had an enticing plate of vine leaf rolls, paired with some lemon, deliciously creamy and thick hummus and a fresh salad platter. (Read this delicious Lebanese recipe of Samke Harra).

Credit: Samantha Prabhu's Instagram and Shutterstock