Sonakshi Sinha Enjoys Girl’s Night By Indulging In Food And Drinks
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Girls night out is the best way to unwind after a long day of tiring work. Food, fun and drinks along with tons of laughter and gossip are guaranteed on a fun girl date with your bffs. The best thing about hanging out with your girl squad is trying out new cuisines and drinks. Clubs and discos usually give out free drinks and cocktails to girls on certain days of the week. These days are referred to as girls night. While you’re entitled to free drinks at the club on these days, this is usually a great opportunity for you to deviate from comfortable alcohol choices and venture in to trying a new flavour of drink. 

Celeb girl dates are the most relatable content that comes from Bollywood stars. Recently, actress Sonakshi Sinha shared a video from her girls night out with her friends, on her social media. In the video, Sonakshi was seen with her friend Srishti Rai, giggling and pushing her away jovially. She captioned the post, “Prim and proper by the day… Jungli by night. That’s @srishtiraai for you.” 

In Sonakshi’s Instagram story, laid in front of the girls were drinks and food. Drinks are a fun part of girls night out. Whether you’re hosting a girls night at your home or are going out to party, the right cocktail choices will set the mood right for your night. Here are some recommendations to try out : 

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