Celebrate Oktoberfest With Craft Beers In Hyderabad
Image Credit: Craft beers, Pexels

The Oktoberfest 2022 marks the 187th year, it started on 17 September and will continue till 3 October. The Oktoberfest has returned in 2022 after a gap caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Spanning over 16 days yearly, this spectacular festival in Munich attracts millions of beer enthusiasts and gallons and gallons of the finest German beer. The legendary beer mania of Munich is no longer spatially restricted. Many nations participate in its revelries on a global scale. India is one among them. Various cities across the country host extravagant Oktoberfest soirees. 

However, if you happen to be in Hyderabad and cannot make it to any event, there is a way to celebrate its spirit. Head to the city's popular microbreweries and guzzle down chilled crafted beers. Puzzled about which one to choose? We make it easy! 


Different flavoured craft beer, Image Source: Prost

Located at Jubilee Hills, this waterhole has been a favourite among beer patrons. After a total renovation, the new avatar looks swankier, and its chicness appeals to the onlookers. The menu offers six crafted beers, including Hyderabad Hurricane, Ein Hofer, Schmaltz Special, Kraftig Stout, Excklusiv Special and Wild Cider. If you go by the love for the city, then opt for the first one. Hefeweizen, as it describes, talks about Weizen, which indicates wheat usage, while Hefe suggests yeast in suspension, which contributes to its foggy look. Prost's unique yeast strain lends notes of banana and clove. Enjoy this well-carbonated, cooling beverage for its fruity and spicy flavour.

Broadway - The Brewery

One of the latest additions to Hyderabad's microbreweries, this place is already abuzz with epicureans and connoisseurs of heady beverages. The colossal brewery, including indoor and outdoor seating, is jampacked any day. It has a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Same goes for its collection of craft beers. For those who have a taste for something fruity and sweet, a must-try is its cider


Collection of craft beers, Image Source: Zero40

Located at Road Number 10, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, this one is a hit among the youth. It offers a whopping eight diverse and fantastic beers and introduces a few seasonal specialities. The names are fancy, such as Shavasan, Old Timer, The Blue Camel, Go, Swami, Vincent Van Goa and Beach Bum. Many vouch for the Old Timer. It is a refreshing and citrusy craft beer full of zesty orangey goodness, with a hint of spice, and finishes with a zing. Its country of origin is Belgium, and this beer gives you a lingering citrusy, yeasty, herbal twist taste. 

The Hoppery - Olive Bar & Kitchen

Its location is a show stealer. Overlooking the Durgam Cheruvu (lake), this place has a glass facade that allows diners to enjoy scenic beauty with a sip of its crafted beers. The alfresco sitting area is more magical. Choose from California Dreaming, which is a Steam Lager, White Spice a wit beer, Hop Notch, The Beast, and Fruity Loop. There is something called Brewllusion which introduces crazy beer born out of experimentation and available for a limited time. We recommend going with Hoppery's signature lager, a modern California standard beer. It follows a hybrid brewing process that's native to the United States. Although there are notable hop flavours, the distinctive flavours are the strong carbonation and malty sweetness. 

Over the Moon Brew Co.

Craft beer, Image Source: OTM

It is one of the best breweries in Hyderabad, raved for a perfect ambience, food quality and quantity and expansive space. People love its alfresco sitting. Along with its mouth-watering munchies, especially the starters, one of its USPs are craft beers. The list includes White High (Belgium Wit), New Moon (Stout), OTM Lager, Forscher (German Wheat), Moon Light (American Pale Ale), and OTM Cider. One can try almost each of them and bond over some delicious food and enchanting music. There are also beers of the month to choose from.