Brilliant Hack To Keep Paneer Cubes Soft After Frying
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Paneer, or cottage cheese, is one versatile ingredient that is popular across south Asian cuisine. Especially in north India and in the eastern parts of the country, where it is generally referred to as chhena, paneer is a common ingredient in the kitchens. A type of fresh cheese that can be easily made at home, paneer comes loaded with calcium since it is made with milk. 

All you need are three ingredients - milk, lemon juice or vinegar, and a pinch of salt. When you mix the milk and lemon juice, the acidity in the lime causes the milk to separate into curds and whey. You then simply need to strain the curds and you will get fresh, homemade paneer. The best part about paneer is that it can be used to make a number of dishes. A super versatile ingredient that can never go wrong, paneer is a vegetarian’s delight. A super amazing source of protein, this ingredient can be used in creating a myriad of recipes. Whether a wholesome paneer curry like kadai paneer, paneer makhani or as a lip-smacking snack including paneer tikka or paneer pakoda, paneer on the table can sure be a crowd-pleaser. 

However, delicacies like kadai paneer or shahi paneer are made by frying the paneer to give them a perfect crispy and crunchy texture. But what happens most of the time is that after frying the paneer, it gets hard and often tough to chew. Is that relatable? If it has happened with you too, fret not. We have found some easy hack to resolve this problem. Take a look. 

How To Keep Paneer Soft And Fluffy After Frying: 

  • We have a simple hack that you can follow to keep the paneer soft and fluffy even after frying. 
  • Heat oil in a pan on a high flame until the oil gets hot. 
  • Shift the high flame to low and add paneer cubes. 
  • Stir the paneer well to avoid burning and sticking the paneer cubes. 
  • Once the paneer cubes are fried until perfection, shift them into a bowlful of cold water. 
  • Keep the paneer cubes inside the bowl for about 7-8 minutes. 
  • To remove, press the cubes gently to let the excess water from them. 
  • Add the cubes to your favourite sabzi and you are good to go. 

While the cold-water trick should do the work, in case it doesn’t you can use hot water. You simply need to add salt in a bowl filled with warm water, and then add the fried paneer chunks. Wait for 7-8 minutes and that’s it. You’ll have soft and fluffy paneer cubes ready to be used. 

Did you know that most of your favourite restaurants, cafes and even small dhabas follow the same hack to make their paneer soft? So, if you like your paneer soft and fluffy, this hack is sure to come handy. Try it at home and share your experience with us. And when you are done, don’t forget to try our amazing paneer recipes right here.