Watch: Here's How To Make The Perfect Paneer Bhurjee
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If there’s one dish that’s cooked in every Indian household it’s paneer! From eating this dairy product in paneer parathas for breakfast, to enjoying it as paneer bhurjee along with a chapathi for lunch, paneer’s versatility has won the hearts of many foodies. Paneer is nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals. Did you know that paneer helps to build stronger teeth and bones while also boosting the immune system? Every foodie has a favourite paneer dish with varieties ranging from paneer chunks dipped in a sweet and savoury curry to paneer cubes dunked in a spicy and salty gravy. The best and easiest way to devour a plate of paneer however, is to grate it and make it in to paneer bhurjee. While you can relish this dish along with rotis and chapathi, you could also pair it along with buns or simply make a kathi roll out of it. Here’s an easy and tasty recipe of Paneer Bhurjee that you must try your hand at: 





Green chilli 

Ginger garlic paste 



Red chilli powder 

Dhaniya powder 


Grated paneer 

Mint leaves 


In a wok heat some oil. Now add jeera to it and sauté. Add chopped onions to the wok and fry till they turn translucent. 

Next, add ginger garlic paste and green chilies and cook for a while. Add chopped tomatoes. 

Now add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder and salt. Give it a good mix and cook for a while. 

Add grated paneer to the wok. Allow to cook for a while. Add chopped coriander and serve along with buns.