Breakfast Burritos: Wrap Up Your Morning Hustle Like A Pro
Image Credit: Breakfast burrito

For the uninitiated, a burrito is a popular dish that is usually cylindrical in shape and comes from the Tex-Mex cuisine of Mexico. The tortilla breads are sealed with a savoury filling of vegetables, beans, cheese, meat, and more. However, this Mexican dish has gained immense popularity in America too, so much so that they have invented their own breakfast burrito.

One might question the distinctions between a regular burrito and a breakfast burrito. Essentially, the primary contrast lies in the choice of ingredients used to fill the tortilla. In many cultures, eggs are a popular breakfast food, and thus scrambled or mashed eggs are typically incorporated into the burrito, which is then wrapped and sealed like a parcel. To ensure that the tortilla is soft and complements the fillings well, it is often lightly grilled or steamed.

Here are a few breakfast burritos you can try at home.

1.   Black Bean And Egg Breakfast Burrito

Black beans are very common in Mexican cooking. And so it doesn’t come as a surprise when they are in your breakfast burrito too. The tortilla is filled with layers of black beans, chilli peppers, corn, avocados, tomato salsa, and shredded Jack cheese. This rich burrito can be grilled slightly so that the cheese melts in your mouth, and it makes for an energy-packed breakfast.

2.   Egg, Ham, And Cheese Breakfast Burrito

This protein-rich, creamy, and meaty filling will make you go bonkers. While this could be a great sandwich stuffing, it tastes even better inside a tortilla wrap. Soft, scrambled eggs, mixed with pieces of ham and loads of shredded cheese, are dunked in a tortilla that is heated before eating. You can add button mushrooms and tomatoes too, if you want.

3.   Poached Egg Breakfast Burrito

All those who like their eggs with runny yolks are going to love this recipe. The egg is poached so that the edges are cooked to hold the runny yolk. Then guacamole is spread on the tortilla and topped with bean-flavoured steamed rice. On this, fresh lettuce is added, and finally, a poached egg finishes the breakfast burrito.

4.   Bacon And Potato Breakfast Burrito

Who loves bacon for breakfast? If your answer is yes, you should surely give this breakfast burrito a try. Diced potatoes, bacon slices, and enchilada sauce are found inside a tortilla wrap, sealed with eggs and cheddar cheese. The breakfast burrito is tossed on a pan, and the cheese pairs really well with the bacon.

 5.   Sausage Breakfast Burrito

The succulent and flavourful sausage is just as deserving of a place in your breakfast burrito as its hotdog counterpart. The sausage is diced and wrapped in a tortilla, and then paired with diced vegetables, heaps of cheese, and sauce. For an even more delectable experience, scrambled eggs can also be added to the filling.