Bilona Ghee: Is It Time To Replace Regular Ghee With It?

With the onset of the pandemic (COVID-19), the wave of following a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy hit us hard. With the realization of how an unhealthy lifestyle affects our lives, most of us have changed our habits drastically to prevent getting infected by the virus. From replacing the regular foods with healthier alternatives to cutting junk food entirely from the diet, the dietary changes that most of us followed were immense.

With the probable third wave of the pandemic around the corner, it’s again time for us to re-evaluate our existing dietary practices. So, on today’s ride, we bring before you one of the healthiest foods that most of all chose to indulge in during the past years- ghee. However, do you know that there are healthier versions of ghee too? We know it isn't easy to believe, but it's true. We're talking about one of the most traditional varieties of ghee that is still being made in some parts of the country- Bilona Ghee.

Bilona ghee has derived its name from the traditional word ‘Bilona’- referring to the wooden stick used since ancient times by Indians to separate butter from curd. This churned-out butter is cooked on low heat in an earthen pot to make ghee. If we look at the difference between traditional ghee and Bilona ghee, it lies in the base ingredient- butter. While Bilona ghee is made out of butter churned out from curd, regular ghee is made with malai or cream.

If we look at both the fats, it is clear that the one made by the traditional method is healthier than the other. But, at the same time, the technique of making Bilona ghee preserves the nutrients, that of regular ghee results in the loss of nutrients from ghee. Moreover, the slow cooking method also contributes to the same. Moreover, using the wooden stick and earthen pot instils a unique aroma and taste in the ghee. Hence, Bilona ghee has the edge over traditional ghee in flavour, aroma and nutrition.

As we are all looking for healthier alternatives to our regular foods now, it’s a good time to rethink the variety of ghee you are using and try using Bilona ghee instead of traditional ghee