In India, the culture of fasting is quite common. The ritual of fasting cuts across classes and religions with Hindus keeping their own vrats while the Muslims breaking their rozas in the evening during Ramadan. Did you notice that the names are different? That’s how culturally diverse and colourful India is and yet very connected to each other in unknown ways. According to Hinduism, there are several gods and goddesses that are hailed to and prayed for. Everyone has their own set of beliefs and idols. Some believe in Hanuman while others pray to Sai Baba. 

There are certain days too, which are assigned for fasting. The navratre fasts occur twice a year while Ramazan happens annually. Apart from these long-duration fasts, there are specific days of the week when people fast. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are common days. During fasting, the worshippers are abstained from eating certain foods, including certain cereals, grains, vegetables and spices. Bhagyashree recently took to her YouTube channel to share her vrat ka khana and we are loving it. 

         Source: Bhagyashree/YouTube 

The actor has been a well-known face of early Bollywood and worked in a variety of popular films. She often shares fitness and health tips on her Instagram handle with her audience. This time, she shared her Tuesday fasting ritual and special sabudana khichdi with us along with a detailed recipe. She captioned the one-minute long video saying, “My personal recipe for Tuesday menu- Sabudhana khichdi”. 

While she seems to be enjoying her vrat ki khichdi, we thought of fetching some yummy khichdi recipes for your lunch today. 

1.  Chana Dal Khichdi 

A light and simple meal with the goodness of health, this khichdi is made with long-grained rice and chana dal. The lentil is mixed with the rice and both are cooked together in a pot. Add some chilli powder to season the dish. 

2.  Bohri Khichdi

This protein-packed khichdi is a delicious combination of a host of spices. Made with brown rice, the khichdi finds itself filled with onions, curd, toor dal and thick red gravy. Creamy and saucy, this khichdi is quite distinct from the usual. 

3.  Vegetable Khichdi 

Looking for a healthy and yummy lunch recipe? This vegetable khichdi is packed with veggies like onions, mung beans and cilantro. Cooked in vegetable broth, it is a wholesome dish.