Beyond Dum Ki Biryani: This Hyderabad Toast Is A Hidden Gem From The City Of Nizams
Image Credit: DJ's Kitchen, This crunchy toast is treated as chaat of the region.

Think Hyderabad and the first thing that pops in your head is biryani. Apart from the landmarks like Charminar and Golconda fort, the city is home to several towering minarets and a rich architectural history. Every nook and corner would smell of hot Irani chai and Osmania biscuits in the morning. By late evening, people would throng the streets to grab freshly-prepared kebabs and biryani stacked up in huge handis. This is a very common sight in the city of Nizams. The cultural and culinary heritage of the city is very well reflected on the plate too. 

If you think you know it all about Hyderabad’s food scape, we think you’ve missed out on one interesting aspect. It is the Hyderabadi toast. Toast might sound like a foreign name right? The butter toast or cheese toast that the English eat for breakfast is nowhere close to what this Hyderabadi gem is all about. The toast, named after the city of its origin, is a popular street snack in Hyderabad. It is full of sweet, spicy and tangy flavours and can never disappoint you. 

Source: Indian Cooking Recipes/Instagram 

When Hyderabadi Toast Met Chai 

On a lazy Sunday evening, when you don’t feel like cooking something lavish at home you can head to the streets of Secundarabad for a crunchy and chatpata Hyderabadi toast with a cup of Irani chai on the side. The Hyderabadi toast, for the uninitiated, is made from slices of bread which are dipped in a slurry and shallow-fried. The crunchy toast, once ready, is slathered with a spicy mashed potato mixture along with some green chutney. Sev is sprinkled on top for some more crunchy garnish.

The triangular toast is a heavenly treat that is filling, high on calories yet worth the indulgence. This can be eaten for breakfast or as evening snacks. It is possible that you equate it to be a close cousin of the bread pakora in North India but the taste and technique of preparation make it stand out. 

In case you don’t want to load up on the calories, here are some sweet potato toast recipes that you can devour this evening. 

1.  Sweet Potato Toast With Avocado 

Crunchy and small pieces of bread are toasted up. They are then slathered with a smooth guacamole spread. Topped with some sweet potato mix, prosciutto and poached eggs, these toasts are delicious and wholesome. 

2.  Sweet Potato Toast With Peanut Butter 

This sweet and crispy snack is a dessert cum savoury. The mashed mixture of sweet potatoes pairs really well with peanut butter and the topping of blueberries gives it an ounce of nutrition.