Bengali Comfort Food- Simplicity At The Top

Steaming hot 'Gobindobhog' rice along with boiled potato and a dash of ghee melting into it- there may hardly be any Bengali who wouldn't swear by the invigorating feeling of savouring this simple delicacy from the Bong kitchen. Comfort foods like these continue to soothe and reign over Bengali households for generations on end. The legacy has been passed over not only as a part of quintessential Bengali culture but also subtly creeping into the taste-buds of gourmands dwelling on the simple yet refreshing recipes. If you are contemplating on a laid-back Sunday afternoon, with recipes that wouldn’t take much effort, here are some quick, comfort food recipes from the Bengali culinary corner that are sure to bowl you over. 

Bhaate Bhaat- One of the most popular comfort food among Bengalis, this lip-smacking and simple recipe encompasses a perfect blend of rice (preferably Gobindobhog, also referred to as Ambemohar in some states) along with a handful of lentils (moong and masoor), potato and a melange of other vegetables that you may prefer, all put together in a pressure cooker to boil. Serve it piping hot straight from the cooker with a blob of butter or pure cow ghee and you are all set to experience a heavenly feeling. Whether it is a cold, winter night or a weary afternoon after a long trip, this delicacy is sure to alleviate your mood instantly.

Posto Delicacies- Tiny, white and shaped like a kidney- Posto also called Khus Khus in Hindi or Urdu is another integral part of the Bengali kitchen. Prepare a white, nutty paste with the posto seeds and cook it with potato and ridge gourd spiced with Black cumin seeds and green chillies to serve along with Urad Dal and you will know what a serene feeling that is. Posto varieties rule in Bengali kitchen. You can make the spicier variety of Pyaj Posto with onions and green chillies or roll the paste into small balls and fry them to make Posto Bora and savour it with steaming hot rice. Or just a simple recipe of Posto Baata with the posto pasted with green chillies and served with raw mustard oil and salt to taste- the experience cannot be compared with even the most popular dishes from the best restaurants in town. 

Aloo Bhaja and Begun Bhaaja- A Bengali meal without some kind of ‘Bhaaja’ or fries to complement the Dal or lentils is unimaginable. Be it the crispy aloo fries or lip-smacking Begun Bhaja (Brinjal cut into thin slices, marinated with turmeric, salt and a little sugar and fried), there will be something on the table for the food aficionados to treat their taste buds with. 

Maachher Jhol Bhaat- Maachher Jhol or a simple curry with fish, whether Rohu, Katla or Hilsa is an indubitable testimony to comfort in Bengali households. Add some cauliflower and potato with the lightly spiced curry and serve it with green chillies and hot rice and there cannot be a simpler, fuller and more nourishing meal with every component in the right proportion. 

So the next time you just feel like relaxing and spending time with your loved ones, while ensuring a healthy, comforting meal, try these simple recipes for a wholesome, mouth-watering and divine gourmet experience.