Babool, The Healing Tree: 8 Ayurvedic Benefits To Know About
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For centuries, indigenous plants, trees, greens and herbs have formed the basis of ancient medicine systems in the Indian subcontinent and South Asia. Whether it is Ayurveda, Yunani medicine or Chinese medicine, all of these naturalistic systems have depended on nature’s bounties for remedies for everything from fevers to indigestion. Some of these medicinal plants are popular even today. You might have heard of the benefits of trees like neem and moringa, but have you heard of the benefits of babool yet? 

Also spelled as babul, babool tree is known by the Western scientific name of Acacia nilotica. Thorny with pretty yellow or orange flowers, the babool tree is native to various parts of Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. In India, babool trees are commonly found in various regions due to their adaptability to different soil types and climates. They are particularly prevalent in arid and semi-arid regions where they play a crucial role in preventing desertification and stabilizing sand dunes.  

So, some of the regions where babool trees can be abundantly found are Rajasthan, Gujarat, parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra (especially zones where water crisis is intense like the Marathwada area), and certain parts of Punjab and Haryana. Known for their hardy nature, drought resistance and for providing fodder to livestock, babool trees are truly a gift of nature in the most difficult-to-survive-in climates. 

But while you may already be aware of these benefits, did you know that babool tree’s gum, bark, leaves and even the pods have been used in traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda to treat various ailments through the centuries? Here are such eight medicinal benefits of babool trees that you should know about. 

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Oral Health 

The bark and branches of babool tree have natural antiseptic properties due to their high alkaloid and tannin content. Ayurveda says that chewing on the twigs of the babool tree can help maintain oral hygiene, reduce plaque formation and prevent tooth decay in the long term. Many modern toothpastes also use babool bark extracts to highlight these properties. 

Digestive Health 

Did you know that the pods and seeds of babool tree have been processed and crushed for centuries to be then used as a method to clear the bowels? The pods and seeds of babool have a mild laxative effect and are also loaded with dietary fibre. Both of these can prevent constipation, improve digestion and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Respiratory Health 

The bark and leaves of the babool tree have expectorant and cough-suppressing properties, both of which can help relieve many respiratory ailments. Teas, drinks and potions made with babool extract have been used for centuries to relieve cough, clear mucus and soothe itchy throat. So, keep some babool handy the next time you have a cold or cough. 


Inflammation in the body can be caused due to infections, and usually show up in the form of swelling and pain, especially in the joints. Babool extracts are loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids, tannins and other bioactive compounds, all of which can help reduce inflammation and its symptoms in the body. This is why babool extract is often used to treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis and joint pain. 

Wound Healing 

One of the many benefits of babool bark gum, extracted carefully by traditional medicine or Western medicine experts, is that it can be used to heal wounds quickly. This is because babool gum has astringent and antiseptic properties, which can not only prevent infections but also boost healing by adding a protective layer on top of the wound when applied topically. 

Anti-Diabetic Potential 

While Ayurveda has always proposed the use of babool extracts to manage blood sugar levels, now, even modern science agrees with this concept. Some studies show that the extract of babool pods and seeds may have hypoglycaemic effects, which can help lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Quite a boon for diabetics, right? 

Anti-Ageing Benefits 

Babool extracts, whether they are from the bark, leaves or pods, are loaded with powerful antioxidants and bioactive compounds. These all make babool extracts full of anti-ageing potential. By reducing oxidative stress and cell damage, babool extracts may reduce signs of ageing and also help manage diseases. 

Infection Cure 

Loaded with antioxidants and bioactive compounds, packed with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, babool tree extracts can help boost your immunity and fight off infections. Whether these infections are viral, bacterial or caused by any other microbes, babool extracts can indeed help cure these issues and prevent fevers too.