6 Neem Leaves Recipes For Monsoon

Neem leaves have a deep green hue and slightly bitter notes that elevate the flavour of any dish. Along with its distinct taste, neem has several medicinal properties making the leaves of this plant a favourite in every grandma's kitchen. From warding of coughs and colds to fighting stubborn stomach bugs, neem is an excellent natural immunity booster filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

In Indian cuisine, neem leaves are incorporated in chutneys, curries and vegetables and are a staple in many households. Neem leaves also find mention in Ayurveda as a remedy for several seasonal distresses. In fact, chewing on neem leaves in the morning or using twigs of neem as a datoon to brush your teeth can get rid of stomach infections and improve digestion. Read on below for some creative ways in which neem can become a part of your diet:

Neem Patta Chutney

Made from ground neem leaves, kokum and jaggery, this is a delicious and healthy southern Indian recipe that pairs well with idli, dosa and uttapam. Pour a tempering of mustard, whole neem leaves and turmeric over the ground chutney for added flavour. Neem chutney had as a side with any meal is highly beneficial for good digestion.

Neem And Ginger Tea

To truly benefit from the therapeutic qualities of neem leaves, boil them in some water and use this water to make refreshing ginger tea. Sip on the unsweetened black beverage that will relax muscles and soothe the body. The boiled water containing all the healing properties of neem can also be had with some crushed ginger as a warm kadha.

Neem Begun

This is a classic Bengali dish is made by marinating brinjal in turmeric and salt before tossing it in lots of neem fried in mustard oil. Cook the brinjal until it acquires a crispy skin and toss in some chopped chillies for a bit of a kick. This dish can be paired with warm steamed rice. Full of a strong neem flavour, it is good for those with a gyppy tummy.

Neem And Giloy Juice

Both, neem and giloy are medicinal plants celebrated in Ayurveda for their healing properties. Mix neem and giloy extracts together for a juice that acts as a natural anti-bacterial that keep seasonal ailments at bay. Have the juice early morning or as a mid-morning drink for best results.

Neem Powder Chutney

This powder chutney is like podi and pairs well with warm idlis and dollops of ghee. Made from dried coconut, sesame and dried and crushed neem leaves, it is extremely nutritious and good for treating stomach infections. A southern Indian recipe that has travelled to neighbouring regions, this powdered chutney is now a staple in many Maharashtrian homes.

Neem Rasam

Made from tur dal, rasam is filled with nutrients and has a soothing effect on the body. Introduce the bitterness of neem in the slightly tangy flavour of this southern Indian dish for an elevated taste. Rasam is generally had as an appetizer or with steamed rice and has multiple health benefits. Seasoned with mustard and red chillies, neem rasam is an inviting and relaxing soup.