Pitta Cycle Harmonising Food Rules By Ayurveda!
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Ayurveda categorises body types and health characteristics broadly into three classifications. Each one has a certain kind of body structure, health symptoms and response to different foods and climatic conditions. In the meantime, Ayurveda has also prescribed eating timings which assist each body and nature, or Prakriti helps to stay healthy. Often our focus is on what we are eating, but when we are consuming food or beverages is equally critical. Paying attention to the pitta cycle can help harmonise the body's functions. It also works as a natural sedative. 

In addition to when to eat and what to eat, eating also involves how to eat. According to Ayurveda, it is best to eat by 7 PM and go to bed by 10 PM, which is when the second pitta surge begins. This is the right approach for rest, recovery, restful sleep, and energy the following morning. If it's not possible, we must at least refrain from eating after 10 o'clock. Dinner should be finished by 8 PM, which is the midpoint of the Kapha period.

Pita do's and don'ts 

People with a pitta imbalance are susceptible to changes in eating schedules. They are particularly impacted by bad dinnertime scheduling. Such people experience premature greying, hair loss, acid reflux, gastritis, difficulty controlling anger, high blood pressure, acne, skin sensitivity, and sunburn. They usually don't have appetite concerns, but when they eat late, they get digestive issues. This is due to two factors. The more pitta energy is required to counteract Kapha's outburst, the later they eat in the Kapha cycle.

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Following the pitta cycle

Around 10:00 PM, the second pitta cycle starts. For instance, if one eats at 9.30 PM, the body will utilise the second surge of pitta for digestion. Vital pitta organs like the liver and spleen won't mend or regenerate. Hot, fresh supper at 8 o'clock works best for people belonging to this category. They must avoid foods that aggravate pitta, such as fried or oily, sour, and salty food. Before going to bed, they can follow this up with a glass of hot water. This will help the body rid itself of toxins and clear the stomach. However, hot water should not be consumed too late or during the Pitta nighttime. The pitta dosha may be re-stimulated by this.