4 Foods You Should Never Cook In An Iron Skillet
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Some kitchen utensils are used only to make certain types of dishes. For example, you cannot make roti in a cooker or cook rice in a tawa. One such utensil is the iron skillet/pan used in the Indian kitchen to cook different types of delicious food. It is believed that food prepared in an iron pan is good for health and helps overcome iron deficiency. But, apart from all this, another aspect states that some food shouldn’t be cooked in an iron kadhai or pan. So, let’s know more about these eatables.

Acidic foods

Avoid cooking acidic foods like lemon and tomato in an iron skillet or pan. It is said that cooking these things in an iron kadhai gives a metallic flavour to the dish, spoiling your taste. Furthermore, acidic foods prepared in iron utensils are also considered harmful for health. Therefore, keep this in mind whenever you make acidic foods and use other vessels.


It is commonly seen that most people make an omelette in an iron pan. But experts believe that omelettes should never be made in an iron pan or kadhai, as they can be hazardous to health. While preparing an omelette or other egg dishes, you must have noticed that they stick to the iron skillet or pan. Therefore, you should use a non-stick pan to make omelettes.

Cheese and desserts

Desserts should never be made in an iron skillet or pan as it may leave the iron’s smell and make it difficult to clean. Similarly, if you are preparing any cheese-based dish in an iron skillet or pan, you should avoid it as that can spoil your dish.


Being more viscous, it becomes challenging to move fish while cooking in an iron skillet or pan. Furthermore, being oily and sticky, the fish sticks to the pan and eventually burns. Therefore, you should avoid making fish in an iron skillet or pan.