Australian Model’s Sandwich Costs Her ₹1.43 Lakhs At Customs
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Chicken Sandwich

When one goes to buy a subway sandwich, it is usually an affordable meal. Since it is a portable and on-the-go kind of snack and available at fast food restaurants, it wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The opposite was true for this Australian model who was flying back from Europe after her trip. Jessica Lee must have thought that it would be a regular day and she packed a foot-long from a sandwich fast-food chain to eat before a flight. 

Little did the 19-year-old know that she would end up paying a high price for the leftover sandwich. The young model shared the story of the incident on her social media and it has taken the Internet by storm. Since she wasn’t that hungry, she ate about six inches of the foot long during her layover at the Singapore airport and then saved the rest for her flight, as per a report by an international media publication. When the model arrived at the Australian customs, she was thoroughly checked and had to pay a whooping ₹1.43 lakhs for her leftover food. 

Source: Shutterstock

Interestingly, the customs authorities at the Australian airport claimed that Jessica has failed to declare two ingredients of her sandwich at the luggage counter. She hadn’t checked in the boxes for chicken and lettuce in the form for carry-ons because she didn’t think that it was an essential part of disclosure. However, when she was fined for the same, she was quite disappointed. Jessica has been asked to pay the fine within a matter of 28 days and she has accepted her mistake, as per a report by an international media publication. 

Jessica was flying back to Australia from Europe and after an 11-hour long flight, she had a short layover at the Singapore airport during which the incident occurred. Seems like the young model is going to think twice before buying a sandwich next time.