This Gold-Plated Burger Costs Rs 1 Lakh; Leaves Netizens Shocked

2021 was all about some quirky, some exciting and other cringe-worthy food trends making a splash on the internet, muddling foodies and social media enthusiasts alike. From trends involving fusing two dishes to challenges that can lead you to win big prizes and a huge amount of money, food trends have definitely had a moment in the sun, while people around the world were isolating at home. 

We are stepping into February, but 2022 doesn’t seem to be looking very different from the previous year. Talking of the latest, the gold food trends are making heads turn like how. From the 24k gold ice cream to the gold-plated momos, this trend is breaking the internet. Joining the bandwagon is the gold-plated burger, and no wonder netizens are taken aback by its whopping price tag.

In a recent Instagram video uploaded by the food blogger with the username @are_you_hungry007, a person is seen making a 24k gold and silver burger. The vendor is seen assembling a burger by filling toasted buns with a variety of ingredients. The toasted buns are filled with lettuce, cheese, sauces and salami and are topped with a silver sheet. The vendor finishes it off with edible gold dust. The food blogger mentioned in the video that the burger cost Rs 1 lakh!

The video has gathered around 443k views and around 22k likes. The comments section is filled with disturbed netizens complaining about the price. One user commented, “Max to max it could cost maybe around 1000-5000 if he adds gold. Mostly expensive burgers each and every ingredient should be imported like the burger bread quality the veggies he adds, sauces etc (sic).” Meanwhile, another user said, “1 Lakh ma burger ki shop khol lunga (sic).”

Will you pay Rs 1 lakh for this gold-plated burger? Do let us know what you think about it.