Ate A Lot And Feeling Bloated? 5 Soothers To Ease Your Tummy

However much you watch your food intake, there are inevitably going to be those days when you end up eating too much, overloading your system and inducing a feeling of being bloated and sluggish. While that seems a propos for a lazy Sunday afternoon, on days packed with work, bloating after a lunch feast might be detrimental to ticking everything off on that busy calendar.

While reducing food intake, having meals early and in moderation, staying away from salt and having just a tiny bite of a sweet treat instead of indulging in desserts are all sound advice before a feast, what can one do after all these delicious foods have already been consumed? Fret not, here are some quick fixes that will help to ward off bloating and smoothen your digestive process after a heavy meal. Pair these foods and drinks with a short 5-minute nap for healthy digestion:


Staying hydrated after a meal is a good way to reduce bloating. Have water after 10-15 minutes of finishing your meal so that it will help the body to flush out some of the excess salts consumed during the meal. Reduced water retention in the body will also control bloating.

Lemon Water

Add lime juice to water and have this plain, without salt or sugar to boost digestion. Lemon has high electrolyte content so it will help the body to remain active and alert after a hearty meal while boosting digestion. Lemon water will also help to reduce the risk of acidity, or pitta after a big feast.

Fennel Seeds

Restaurants serve fennel seeds or saunf after a meal as a mouth freshener and as a food that helps to enhance digestion. Chewing on fennel seeds produces essential digestive enzymes in the saliva that upon reaching the stomach help to improve digestive processes. Chew on fennel seeds slowly, sucking in the juices to get rid of bloating. 

Sulaimani Chai

A popular warm beverage from Malabar, Sulaimani tea is generally served after big meals during weddings and festive occasions to ease digestion. Cinnamon and cloves in the chai act as natural antioxidants that help the body to get rid of toxins, promote a healthy gut and also soothe the internal system especially if the food has been particularly spicy.

Cumin Water 

A little bit of cumin dropped in some boiling water creates a potion which is an old trick for curing bloating. This is because cumin helps to reduce gas, the primary cause of a bloated stomach. Have cumin water on a regular basis to do away with this tendency of bloating. Strain the boiling water and have that to soak in the essence of jeera.