Arjun Kapoor’s Long Weekend Pasta Indulgence Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Instagram/Arjun Kapoor

With the weekend and then Independence Day on a Tuesday this year, many people across India decided to take the day off on Monday to turn the weekend into a long and leisurely one. Going by a recent post, actor Arjun Kapoor showed us all how relatable he really is by also turning his regular weekend into a long one. But that’s not all because the post also gave us a glimpse into Arjun Kapoor’s food choices and all that he loves to eat while unwinding. Here’s what you need to know. 

The recent post by Arjun Kapoor has a whole series of photos that reveal how relaxed and laidback the actor can be when he’s at home for a long weekend. “Life is short, make your weekends long,” he wrote in the short caption—while the pictures themselves told a long tale of relaxing times savoured with comfort foods.  

Video Credit: YouTube/Culinary At Home

In the very first picture, Arjun Kapoor can be seen fresh-faced after a workout session, enjoying a bowl of cereals with a side of other goodies in a blue tupperware—all while watching something entertaining on a digital device. Relatable much? While it is difficult to make out what kind of cereal Arjun Kapoor is enjoying here, it is likely to be strawberry-flavoured cornflakes dipped in milk, thanks to the telltale pink-ish hue of the spoonful that is visible. 

In another image, we spotted a plate full of indulgent Aglio Olio Spaghetti. The simple yet comforting dish of pasta is clearly loaded with a lot of chicken slices, garlic and herbs. All these goodies are of course hidden under a generous sprinkling of grated cheese. This plate of food not only proves that Arjun Kapoor enjoys the comfort that pasta can provide but also doesn’t shy away from indulging in as much cheese as he wants to—and our foodie hearts totally approve. 

Of course, the other activities that Arjun Kapoor can be seen doing in the recent Instagram post also prove that despite eating cheese and pasta to his heart’s content, Arjun Kapoor has a very fit and healthy lifestyle. In one picture, for example, the actor can be seen swimming in his house pool—and in another, he can be seen working out. Other photos show the actor busy with his phone, taking a walk with a cup of tea or coffee in his hand, a view of his pet dog and another view of the ocean.