Arjun Kapoor’s Delhi Grub Featured Kakori Kebabs

If you are an Arjun Kapoor fan, then you are perhaps aware that the actor had to fight obesity and lose close to 60 kilos before making his on-screen debut. He changed his diet completely, but he never stopped being a foodie. As if, he had a choice. By his own confession, Arjun grew up in a Punjabi family obsessed with food and feasting. One of his all-time favourite dishes, to date, is his grandmother’s Jungli Maas. Even when he is shooting outdoors, he tried to get his hands on some local delicacies.  

Arjun, is shooting in Delhi for his upcoming film, and looks like he has “earned some extra love” from the director, who treated the actor to a delicious dinner, from one of Delhi’s iconic restaurants, Saleem’s. The actor shared an image of Kakori Kebab and also tagged actor Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem in the story, wondering why? It’s because Saleem’s was started by their father and for more than three decades, it has been one of the go-to places of most Delhhites for their meaty cravings. “Saleem’s dinner is served”, Arjun wrote in the caption of the story. A very “emotional” Huma also reshared the story, thanking Arjun Kapoor for the business.

Kakori Kebab, for the uninitiated, takes its name from the town of Kakori in Uttar Pradesh. A major part of Uttar Pradesh, once known as Awadh, was renowned for its rich kebabs and kormas. Kakori Kebab, looks a lot like seekh kebab, slender and cylindrical, but much softer in comparison. The softness is due to the variety of tendersisers, most common being mangos ('Maliabali' mangoes to be specific). It is said that British Officers once offended a Nawab by calling his kebabs to hard and chewy and he ordered his khansamas to soften the kebab, and this gave birth to the Kakori Kababs.